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6 Ways to Entertain Yourself While in Isolation During the Summer in Canada

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. However, this summer, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the great outdoors, campings, and lake adventures will remain off the table for most people. Isolation can sure be boring, even taking a toll on your creativity and imagination. You can easily fall under the impression that there is nothing you can do to entertain yourself.

Don’t despair! It is quite the opposite. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself while in isolation during the summer in Canada. Brace yourself as we give you six ideas to make the time run faster and bring some joy to your life.

Board games

Social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy social activities. With the internet and a variety of online apps, you can have fun with your friends and family. Board games are particularly entertaining against human opponents.

You will be entertained, trying to win, taking hits, and chatting with your opponents while the game lasts. The best thing about board games is that you can now play them on your smartphone. There are plenty of options out there, including Board Kings. All you have to do is download the app, invite your friends, and enjoy the fun.


If there is one thing that isolation manages to ensure, it’s plenty of free time. To prevent the outcome of the old saying, “idle hands are a devil’s workshop,” you should organize your time and do something good for yourself. The answer lies in books. There must be plenty of books that you’ve put on your “must-read list.” Well, now is the time!

You don’t have to leave the house to get your hands on most books, including the very old titles. Most of them are now accessible online. Most importantly, they are affordable, at least in eBook format. And, if you can’t imagine yourself reading anything but the hardcover, no worries. You can order good old-fashion books online as well.

Video games

Don’t let isolation get you down. The entertainment industry has plenty of solutions to keep your mind busy during confinement. Video games are often overlooked as a way to get entertained. You should know that the video games industry is thriving. Over the past decade, thousands of titles became ultra-popular among gamers.

There are so many genres out there. So, you have a pretty good chance of finding a title that lives up to your expectations. If you like old school games with a social component, you can try Poker Heat. On the other hand, if you want more dynamic games, there are plenty of first-person shooters you can test until you find your favorite.


Most people blame not having enough time to get in shape and start exercising. With extra time on your hands, now may be a good idea to start exercising. We are talking about entertainment here, remember? Don’t worry; we don’t want you to be locked in your basement pumping iron while being bored to hell.

To turn exercise into entertainment, you should consider joining online fitness communities and jumping on the same exercise regiment with some other people. Thanks to online video conferencing platforms, you can now exercise with other people at the same time. Have fun getting healthy, comparing results with your fitness buddies, and breaking your old records!

TV Shows

TV shows are next on our “how to entertain yourself” list. Whether you are in for mystery, drama, sci-fi, or action, you won’t be left without a TV show. The TV show industry exploded, and there are more than a dozen high-rated shows you can watch with your friends or family.

Maybe you’ll finally learn what it means to binge a TV show. Stack up on that popcorn, and have fun while catching up with the best shows.

Honorable mentions

Honorable mentions encompass some forgotten crafts and ways to stay entertained while locked in the house. The most noteworthy one is a hobby. If you put your hobby on pause, with this much time on your hands, you can go back to it.

It will help you relax and learn new skills. You can also join online communities to share your work with them and get advice. If you want to find out more ideas on how to entertain yourself during isolation in Canada, you can do it on the link here.


These six tips will help you entertain yourself this summer in Canada. Isolation has its downsides, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some fun while at home. And, yes, you don’t have to pick just one thing. Try to create a mix of fun activities that suit your personal needs!

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