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Choosing accommodation is one of the most important aspects of your vacation. Getting the right balance for everyone in the family can be challenging, especially if you’re limited to hotel facilities. While hotels are ideal for many vacations, holiday homes are the perfect alternative if you’re getting away with several members of the family.

So if you’re planning a vacation, take a look at the main reasons why holiday rentals are a great option over staying in a hotel.

A home from home with luxury touches

The beauty of a holiday rental is it feels like a home from home and has everything your need for a comfortable stay. There are many different options to choose from, including luxury rentals and themed options such as the choice of fun and quirky homes at Solterra resort in Florida.

7 Reasons Why Vacation Homes Are a Great Option Over Hotels

Solterra Resort is an enchanting gated vacation community, offering scenic grounds and deluxe amenities

Enjoy the best of the action and relaxation

There is a selection of holiday homes located close enough to the action, so you don’t miss out, plus it’s not a long journey to get anywhere. But far enough out so you can also enjoy relaxation away from the main tourist spots.

Save money

If you’re traveling with a large group, then holiday rentals are an excellent option for saving money on accommodation. The cost is generally based on hiring the whole place, so you can split it between how many people are staying. You can also split the costs of food and essentials on your trip.

More space

While traveling with family and friends is the idea of the perfect vacation, it’s natural for everyone to need some space. This can be pretty limited in a hotel, but in a vacation rental, there’s often plenty of room to enjoy peace and quiet for a while.

Perfect for kids

Holiday rentals provide a safe and secure place for the kids to roam around and play. Some resorts have dedicated play areas and activities so the whole family can get involved. With everyone under one roof, it’s easier to monitor what’s going on and also spend time as a family without lots of distractions.

Handpick the view

While hotels are a great vacation option, you can’t often pick what room you’ll stay in, so your window could be facing a wall. However, with a holiday rental, you can handpick the type of location and what your views are with ease. Some places will be in the thick of suburban life, but others could be in a remote spot with landscapes as far as the eye can see. The choice is yours!

Close to top attractions

If you’re planning on visiting top attractions on your vacation, staying in the resort could be expensive. However, if you look outside the main areas, there are many holiday homes perfectly located for all the fun and adventure but at a cheaper cost.

These are just some of the top reasons for choosing a holiday rental over a hotel. Take a look at the options and see what suits your family trip best.

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