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The fifth generation wireless network is here – or, more accurately, it’s on its way to being ‘here’.

We have been hearing whispers of the rollout for a fair few years now, and 2020 has seen plenty of progress in Canada’s mobile hotspots, such as Toronto, and plenty of promises for forthcoming implementation as widespread as Grande Prairie, Ottawa and Greater Sudbury.

For now, however, many of us are still waiting – and even if we are living in an area with 5G coverage, plenty more of us still don’t have the equipment to keep up with this new technology.

Throughout the course of the year, many of the world’s biggest cell phone manufacturers have been releasing their 5G-ready phones onto the marketplace, to ensure that we are all ready to keep pace with this incredible new network. The only trouble is, many of us are still left wondering whether or not it’s really worth it yet; while 5G may be fast, the rollout is slow, and there seems to be little to confirm whether or not these phones are truly up to the task of keeping up with 5G.

So, should you invest now, or bide or time and wait for the cell phone companies to improve upon their first run of devices? Read more below.

The Pros

First of all, anyone who invests in a 5G phone will notice an incredible boost to their gaming. From battling your friends in word puzzles and murder mystery to tapping into the online casino Canada, games and their developers are working to ensure that their titles are capable of matching the speeds of 5G – and the new technology housed within the latest generation of cell phones.

Low latency and ultra-sharp gameplay will transform the commute, or the long wait at the airport, and anyone who wants to make the most of the new cloud gaming services will definitely want to consider investing in a 5G phone.

Similarly, day to day business will be transformed. The commute, or any long haul business trips will represent the perfect time to get a little extra work done, log into an online meeting, or catch up on emails without the frustrations of slow connectivity or public Wi-Fi.

The Cons

Of course, the biggest con to investing into a 5G phone now is that, considering the newness of the technology, very little has had an opportunity to be refined yet. Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 12, recently came under fire from independent testers who found that the battery was not able to withstand the demands of 5G, for instance.

Many are instead choosing to hold off, wait until 5G becomes much more ubiquitous, and then consider investing into a 5G phone that has been weighed up and reviewed against the rest.

Similarly, the cost of these devices is an issue. While cell phone prices have always varied significantly, the best 5G releases often fall in the higher end, which can be off putting if you are still unsure when, exactly, 5G is going to arrive in your city.

A 5G phone will offer plenty of benefits to anyone who uses it – but not until the network arrives. Bide your time, but prepare to embrace this new technology as soon as it arrives.

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