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You shouldn’t let Halloween pass you by without having some fun. Canada has a long history of celebrating Halloween since Irish immigrants brought the tradition to our shores in the 1800s. The phrase “Trick or Treat” was first used in a written document in Canada when an Alberta newspaper story from 1927 claimed that mischief-makers were approaching homes and using the now customary phrase.

Here are a few activities that might make the occasion enjoyable for you once again.

Spooky casino on your phone

Playing real money online casino games has become a hugely popular form of entertainment for Canadians in recent years. While roulette, poker, and blackjack remain beloved, for an injection of spooky you should check out the latest slots.

Slots featuring vampires, ghouls, ghosts, and other scary characters have long captivated players’ imaginations and hearts. Horror-themed slots are offered all year round by many online casinos, but they generally become more prominent around Halloween. Lightning Horseman is a slot by NYX – Lightning Box and is based on the legend of the headless horseman. While the freshly released Ghosts n’ Reels is a haunted house-based game with plenty of menacing apparitions and spirits. For those that enjoy real money gaming, it’s a decent pursuit to find an eerie option during the Halloween season.

Gruesome creativity

Make your home a spooky destination through some inventive door decorations. Rather than simply buying decorations, it will be more fulfilling to do it yourself and unleash your creativity. If you’re able to, it could be fun to inject some competitivity by setting a budget and challenging neighbors in a door decorating contest.

Pumpkin carving could also form part of the competition with you and your friends trying to produce the best Jack o lantern. Just be cautious since Canada’s wildlife occasionally steps in. Banff, Alberta, locals were warned to bring their pumpkins indoors in 2014 because a grizzly bear had been seen prowling the neighborhood gardens in search of food. Because of the grizzly’s drive to gain weight before the winter, it was feared that it might visit people’s houses to feast on the too-alluring pumpkins.

Spine-chilling adventure

If you need an excuse to get away from it all, why not visit one of Canada’s supposedly haunted locations? While some of these locations simply look sinister based on our experience of scary movies, some also have an interesting history that is worth exploring. If you can, try to engage with local residents who will be only too happy to share local ghost folklore with you. Many places have ghost enthusiasts, and some of them have created books detailing local ghost folklore that should make your trip more gratifying.

A handful of activities could make your Halloween more of an event and keep the tradition alive in Canada. Whatever you decide to do, you might be able to create something meaningful that can be indulged in at this time every year.