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Digital signage

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The first experience visitors and guests have of your business is in your lobby. If you want their first impressions to be positive, a great receptionist won’t cut it, but an ultramodern lobby would.

These are the top five lobby modernization ideas – no Office Snapshots software necessary.

1. Lobby furniture

The first thing clients see as soon as they step into the office space is the lobby furniture. One can’t overstate how much you need to select sleek and professional furniture if you intend to impress them.

The right waiting room furniture should whip up comfort, serve enticing decor, and deliver great first impressions.

More often than not, the reception desk is the focal point of the lobby. Therefore, that should be your starting point in the transformation exercise. Aim for a piece that looks like artwork and reflects your great taste in furniture.

Instead of banishing staff to offices and conference rooms, one forward-looking trend involves turning an office lobby into a workspace.

You can reduce the number of conventional lobby seating such as sofas, settees, and end tables. In their place, place tablet arm chairs and work benches where employees can carry out their regular workday duties.

2. Paint

You can’t go wrong with a new lick of paint. It’s a pain-free way to renovate any office reception without breaking the bank.

While a new coat of paint looks good, not every color will suit your lobby or make it look progressive.

As soon as guests are at the entrance, greet them with colors portraying elegance, excitement, and chic appeal. That means choosing from a slate of airy, earthy, and vibrant colors such as lavender, terracotta, and mustard yellow.

3. Digital signage

Another way to add a fashionable touch to your lobby is to install digital signage. This involves mounting screens and displaying content on them.

If you have substantial cash reserves, you can take it to the next level by opting for the dramatic TV wall, a collection of displays covering an entire wall.

You can cement your brand identity in the minds of clients by displaying your company logo on entryways. Alternatively, you can use it for:

  • Wayfinding
  • Breaking news
  • Weather updates
  • Giving instructions
  • Destination information

Digital signage can distract visitors, thereby reducing their perceived wait time.

4. Lighting

Overall, there’s no cheaper way of remodeling an office lobby than tweaking your lighting. Great lighting will improve the mood of any space and create a positive work environment.

Natural light creates an open, inspiring, and inviting environment, creating a healthy atmosphere that can also support plants.

Since some buildings do not have the luxury of natural light, you have to come up with other solutions that will enhance the newfangled appeal of the lobby.

5. Flooring

It’s easy to spruce up everything and ignore the floor, but dated flooring will look entirely out of place. A well-laid floor can be as visually striking and turn any lounge space into an up-to-date office lobby.

An easy way to nail the contemporary look is to opt for luxurious materials that seem to pop. That could be anything from marble, hardwood, laminate floors, vinyl, or tiles. You could finish some of them with a generous topping of epoxy resin to give it that sparkly finish.

If you hate the permanency of flooring, then carpets are your answer. A luxurious carpet, made of smooth, texture fabrics, should give any building lobby that trendy look.

Final Words

Your lobby might be the most important part of your business. By keeping things both fresh and engaging, you can help visitors and guests have both a great time, and a memorable experience.

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