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How popular are Canadian dollars in online casinos?

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It is much easier for fans of excitement from Canada to play online casinos for Canadian dollars because you do not need to pay additional fees for currency exchange while depositing and withdrawing money. At the same time, a full range of gambling entertainment is available, which you are used to on sites that support other types of currencies.

About the Canadian dollar

In world currency usage, Canadian dollars make up 2% of the reserve. CAD is fighting for the status of the fifth reserve currency with the monetary units of Australia. A stable economy and the government of Canada make our currency reliable and robust for investors and real players in CAD casinos.

The history of the Canadian dollar began in the 1850s when the people of Canada decided to choose this national currency based on American dollars instead of pounds sterling. Therefore, both types of dollars of neighboring countries are interconnected. For example, for 1 CAD today, you can get 0.80 US dollars.

Do all online casinos from Canada accept CAD?

It is noteworthy that not every gaming institution from Canada can get the status of the online casino with CAD. In many such establishments, as a result, Canadian players cannot make a deposit or play for real money in their local currency. And it’s not about the desire of the online club operator to accept or not to accept Canadians. The truth of the matter is that such gaming establishments cannot serve local players directly. However, there are a large number of alternative gaming halls on the Internet, where you can easily create an account and be able to play for Canadian dollars without problems.

Most gaming clubs licensed in Malta or Curacao allow you to make deposits or withdraw real winnings in Canadian dollars, which makes them attractive to our players. On these sites, an online casino with Canadian dollars, you will find a wide variety of payment instruments popular in our country. In addition, by choosing an online club from our rating, you will be able to get profitable bonuses and participate in profitable promotions for Canadian dollars.

The best methods of depositing and withdrawing money in the online casino for Canadian dollars

Despite the fact that many online casinos accept CAD, you need to pay attention to those clubs where there is a suitable method of making transactions in Canadian dollars. We offer you to familiarize yourself with a small list of the best payment systems for CAD input/output:


Considering the above, we can conclude that it is profitable to play in the online casino for Canadian dollars. This significantly reduces the costs of players in the process of currency exchange and guarantees access to popular payment systems with prompt deposit and withdrawal of funds. Furthermore, you can use your local currency to play any slot machines or other simulators of top brands without worrying about territorial restrictions.

We strongly recommend that players search for an online casino for CAD currency on our website. This is due to the activation of scammers who fake actual portals. Given the demand for gambling in Canada, users without experience often become hostages of intruders. Therefore, we advise you to play responsibly, starting from the age of 21. Find more information about online casinos here:

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