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How modern technology is changing education

Education is one of the essential stages in human life and requires special attention. In college we understand the world, make first serious choices and get the knowledge that will allow us to reach our goals and become qualified specialists. Just like other spheres, education is influenced by technological advancements that bring more innovations to the studying process. From the ability to pay for essays to remote education, now students` opportunities are much wider than just a few years ago.

The digital revolution in modern education

PCs and smartphones have taken education to a whole new level with a variety of educational tools available online. Have you ever asked your groupmate «Can you do my statistics homework for me?». There is no need for asking now, with hundreds of services available on the web and ready to take this task off your hands. The same is with writing papers: now you only need to look through top writing services on Scamfighter and make your choice in favor of one of them. But online tools are not the only thing that the digital revolution brings to education.

Many public schools and colleges consider technology as an integral part of the learning process planning their budget accordingly. Among already integrated technological advancements are:

  1. Mobile learning. With extensive use of smartphones, now students can improve group communication, receive the necessary support from the teacher and perform all the tasks remotely with the help of special educational mobile apps;
  2. Biometrics. Have you heard of facial and voice recognition? And what about fingerprints? Now colleges can automatically get information about students` attendance via tracking systems, check who borrowed library books and control the security in college;
  3. Artificial Intelligence. With its help, teachers can easily identify what students can do and what they are not capable of, analyze this information and provide a custom approach (it is especially important in cases with students who have special needs). AI also allows to automatically grade students and provide feedback on their performance;
  4. Chatbots. They are mainly created to simplify the interaction between students and professors. However, they can also be used to optimize memorization with special algorithms, to provide immediate feedback to students with 90% accuracy, and guide students based on their specific needs and curriculum;
  5. Video learning. Although it may not be considered as a tech innovation such as AI and chatbots, the visual component is still very important in education and due to the availability of gadgets now students can watch useful videos at every class. Many colleges have already integrated videos in their curricula which increased students` achievements to 83%.

Although there is still a battle between traditional methods of teaching and constant technological advancements, we cannot deny the huge impact that technology has on the educational process and the necessity to keep up with digitalization not to miss our opportunities. The researches prove that with technologies applied students have greatly increased their performance compared to the years when traditional textbooks and classrooms took place.

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