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How To Find The Best Online Promotions

There’s almost nothing sweeter than knowing that you’ve got yourself a great deal. Whether it’s a discount code for your favourite store or a welcome bonus for a casino, promotions are an excellent way to make sure that your money goes further when you’re having fun online.

But when every brand seems to be bombarding us with promotions, how can we be sure that the deals we’re getting are genuine, and not too good to be true? Since 2010, for example, the amount companies have spent on sales promotions has shot up. With so many promotions to choose from, it can be difficult to know which are relevant to you and which will give you the best discount or freebie.

If you want to know how to find the best online promotions, read on. This article will guide you through the absolute best places to find genuine freebies, offers, and deals online.

Check Your Favourite Sites

If you’re looking for the best promotions to use online, the first place to start should always be your favourite sites. First of all, be sure to check your emails to see if any special offers have been sent to you. All too often, customers make a big purchase online before realising they had a discount code waiting in their inbox.

The next step is to search for them online. Put the brand name into a search engine along with “promotions” or “discounts”. If you’re looking for a company’s special offers, you’ll find them here nine times out of ten. Why? Because they’ll want you to take advantage of offers directly, rather than having to pay other sites commission.

Install Browser Extensions

Do you delight in discount codes, but can’t face the hit and miss approach of searching for them yourself? You’re not alone. The good news is you won’t ever have to spend hours trawling the web for a working discount code again. All you need to do is download a browser extension.

Extensions such as Honey are a great tool to find genuine promotions online. These tools automatically apply discount codes to your basket when you’re shopping, so that you can access deals safely, easily, and quickly.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply click on the icon in your search bar once you’re getting ready to checkout of an online shop or eCommerce site, and see how much money you’ve saved.

Use Comparison Sites

Comparison sites are an excellent resource when it comes to checking for promotions, offers, and the overall value of products or services. No matter what you’re looking for – cars, credit cards, beauty products, bonus spins – you’ll find a comparison site that’s dedicated to helping you find the best deal.

These sites earn a small commission whenever you click through to a provider they’ve listed. There are lots of well-known comparison sites, but if you’re looking for something more niche than home insurance or holiday accommodation, it’s always worth checking to see if there’s a comparison site out there that can help you.

Almost all will automatically update to reflect promotions or offers, so when you buy through a trusted site, you’ll always know that you’ve got the best deal possible.

Find freebies the easy way with these three tips. You’ll never need to worry that you’ve paid over the odds for anything again!

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