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When you decide to market to your customer base, it can require heavy innovation. The best business ideas come from proven methods.

Membership Tiers

If you want to create cash flow using your content, you can create membership tiers. These tiers will allow followers to access certain content that they can’t listen to without paying. For example, free members may only be able to listen to your podcasts, but paying members may be able to download them or other valuable content you provide. If you have exclusive content, you can create a tiered membership that only some followers can access. A tiered membership can include one-on-one coaching, live video chats, and other perks that make your followers happy.

Sponsorships and Ads

With partnerships, you can seek sponsorships from relevant companies who will pay you to mention their products. Additionally, you can do also throw in an ad or coupon at the end of your podcast to inform your followers of a cool affiliate product.

Sell Podcast Merch

You can sell slogans, inside jokes, and branded merchandise to your followers. They might want to represent you when hanging out with friends, at parties, or at the gym and wear your gear. This not only provides a new stream of income but also can attract new followers who might be curious about what your brand is all about.

Syndicate Show to Youtube

If you love the idea of promoting your show on Youtube and receiving unlimited residual income from ads, you can consider syndicating your show. Youtube is the most popular video platform to date, and many have made millions just by posting content that their followers love. You can post your logo or a filler image and upload your podcast. Otherwise, hire a videographer to make a graphic video that matches your podcast’s message.


Followers love donating to a cause they support. You can set up a donation page with simple tools that let followers put as little as a dollar or as much as hundreds in your pocket. You may not be a charitable organization, but that doesn’t mean that others wouldn’t be willing to shoot $5 your way just to say thanks. Followers can be very generous with their favorite podcasters, especially if you are going through a rough spot and need help with equipment to improve the quality of your content.

Sell Premium Episodes

If you have very in-depth content that you believe your followers will love, you can sell these episodes as a separate package. You can include merchandise, more detailed content, and even informative training to help your followers out. Followers may be seeking knowledge from you and will appreciate you going the extra mile to educate them.

More Tips on Getting More Income

There is a variety of avenues you can take when trying to increase your income. Starting with podcast merch is just the first step.

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