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Building up a career today is not hard owing to the availability of resources and opportunities. It is not a surprise to see people start their writing career immediately after college. Today, the internet is a useful tool for anyone with plans to start an online business like professional essay writing. 

As a starter essay writer, you do not need huge investments, but if you are equipped with a good computer and a fast internet connection, you can be set to start. Despite this, there are other requirements that you must fulfill. 

How to Start a Professional Essay Writer Career

The more you do, the better you become, your experience in essay writing can build up quickly if you are committed

Keep writing

One of the best ways to gain experience is repeatedly doing the same thing. The more you do, the better you become. Your experience in essay writing can build up quickly if you are committed to creating ample time to do your practice using your essays or writing for others. 

Some essay writers may think of going back to college and attain a second or a third-degree before launching their essay writing service. The truth of the matter is, no matter how many more degrees you add to your list, you can never become a professional essay writer unless to start doing. 

To become the best essay writer, take time writing some journals, writing some personal blogs, researching some academic papers, and so on. The bottom line is, write something and always build on what you wrote the last time. 

Enroll in higher education

To provide the best essay writing service, higher education will be an important item on your to-do list. The students looking for essay help are those pursuing their degrees at various levels. If you decide to become an essay writer without having attained at least one university degree, it might be very challenging to offer services such as paper wring service. 

Besides this, you want your reputation as the best essay writer to stand out as earned because you have the right education papers. Essay writers do a lot of research and there are different styles under which they present their arguments. If you have been through university education, it becomes easy for you to present your arguments in essay writing services. 

Define your niche

It is okay if you juggle across several niches to find where you best fit before settling in one. Many of the best essay writing service providers do not specialize. If you settle into one or a few niches, you can better provide custom essay service to your customers and they will be pleased to return to you for the best paper writing services. 

There are several niches/gigs that you can specialize in as you grow your essay writing services into a professional essay writer career. You may choose essay writing services in fields such as legal writing for students perusing law, medical writing for those in medicine, business writing, scriptwriting, content writing, and so on. 

Once you build your starting point, you can establish yourself in one of these niches or more. The field is large and what matters most is your capability to provide essay writing service with a cutting edge. Just the same way people define professionals by what they do – like doctor’s journalists and so on, your essay writing services should be defined by your niche specialization.

Start pitching for clients

The essay writing services field is competitive and you will likely find the best essay writer in every major city you go to. You must be proactive and begin looking for people to write for. Post on your profile on LinkedIn and other social media and let people know you are ready to offer the best paper writing services or best essay writing services. 

If you know any students who live within your locality, speak to them, and give them your contact. Let them help you pass the word to their colleagues in colleges and during inter-college competitions. In return for their good gesture, you may offer to discount them when working on their essays. 

Have a strong portfolio

Your writing portfolio is important in building a strong professional career in essay writing. It shows potential students or clients what you have done before so that they can gauge your ability to deliver quality essays. 

To build a strong portfolio, get a few samples ready, and post them on your blog or website. The internet is full of searchers looking for essay writers who can provide the best writing services for them and once they get your portfolio in their searches, you will likely land assignments without fail. 


Professional essay writers always have a starting point, which can, at times, be difficult. Once the essay writer establishes themselves as professional essay writers, they grow more in their writing knowledge and could be useful in helping other upcoming essay writers. The most advisable point is to start and continue practicing to perfection. 

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