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How to Treat Chronic Pain without Medication and Surgery?

There is nothing more stressful than a persistent pain that you don’t know how to treat without using medicines. Chronic pain is something that can occur to any part of your body and last for weeks or even months. Sometimes, there is no apparent reason for it, and yet, it becomes unbearable to the extent that you need detailed treatment for it.

Some medical treatments are so expensive that a financially unstable person cannot even think of choosing them. To top it, most of the people are afraid of invasive procedures like surgery and are not ready to go through the trauma. The problem is – what to do when you no longer want to intoxicate your body with medicine and don’t have the means to have surgery?

At times, it is difficult to find the underlying cause of the pain, especially if you experience it during odd times. Fortunately, there are many ways available now to treat chronic pain without using medicine and surgery. Some of them are listed below:


Physiotherapy is the most common way of treating pain when medication is not enough. Physiotherapists try to find the root cause of your pain and treat it with special techniques, including pressure point therapy, shockwave modality, and electrotherapy, etc.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatments are also getting popular these days because they not only help in eliminating pain but are very soothing and satisfying for the body. There are so many chiropractors in Atlanta that have great reviews. Patients are in awe of their techniques and most of them even ditched surgeries after major chiropractic sessions.


In acupuncture, the practitioner uses your mind endorphins with the help of microneedles to get rid of the pain. It has been proven helpful in treating chronic pains, particularly in the upper body region. It is practiced all around the world by certified professionals and has many miraculous stories of healing, especially in the cases of neck and back pain after car accidents.

Hot and Cold Treatment

Hot and cold treatment is another unique healing technique in which the painful area is exposed to extremely cold or hot temperatures. It is just like putting a pack of frozen peas or having a hot water bottle on your sore spot to reduce the pain. It is a cost-effective and simple method for treating pain.


In self-hypnosis, you trick your mind into not feeling pain. It helps you in learning to use your mental energy and diverting it from the feeling of pain to a calmer state. This technique only applies when the pain is not life-threatening. It has been really helpful in some cases, where the patients not only felt alleviation in their hurting, but their stress and anxiety levels were also reduced.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is so underrated when it comes to pain management, but studies have proved otherwise. It can be very effective if the pains are linked with stress or trauma, such as shoulder pain after a car accident or persistent headache after surviving a bad plane landing. The right kind of music calms your nerves, and it helps you to heal at a spiritual level.


Sometimes, we are the cause of our chronic pain. Working late hours, lack of sleep, poor spinal position while sitting, or even wrong posture of sleeping leads to pain. Lifting heavy weight items or carrying too many grocery bags just to avoid a second trip to the car – all these factors contribute to back and neck pain. In worst cases, it leads to disk slip, so we should always take care of ourselves and not push our bodies beyond their limits.


Meditation can help relieve pain because it calms you down and helps your mind to connect with your body. Meditation and yoga are proven to be the best treatments for pain. In some cases, they also help in losing weight.

Right Body Weight

Weight control is essential! Imagine carrying a 50 pounds bag of flour an entire day. You cannot do that even for a few hours, so how can you put so much pressure on your knees and expect them not to hurt? Weight management is very important not only to stay healthy but to have an active lifestyle as well. There are so many success stories of chronic pain survivors who lost weight and couldn’t fathom the unbelievable results.

Healthy Eating

Eating right is very important for our health, but we casually avoid it in our daily lives. We fill our bodies with unhealthy foods and want a fit body in return. There is no harm in eating out once in a while, but adopting a lifestyle in which carbs are your best friend is not normal at all. It puts unnecessary pressure on our hearts, and our bodies cannot bear it after a certain time. So, pamper yourself, eat healthily, and wear the right footwear to avoid any discomfort.


Pain, whether chronic or acute, can put a person through a lot. It easily triggers anxiety and depression, so it should be properly treated. If you don’t want to use medicines or cannot afford surgery, it is essential to know the various other options available to overcome pain.

The foremost step is to identify the reason behind the pain and intend to treat it so that the pain never surfaces again. Given that there are so many ways to manage chronic pain, the only concern is to know what works best for your body.

Reports suggest that many people come with shoulder pain after car accidents  because they didn’t use seat belts properly. It is very important to be careful as accidents can happen at any time, but a little care can lead to being a major lifesaver. Self-care combined with a healthy lifestyle can change your body. You can get yourself out of this misery because everyone deserves a happy, pain-free life.

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