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Toronto is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the whole of Canada. And as Canadians have always enjoyed gambling in some way, shape or form, it’s led to some asking whether there’s a land-based casino they can head to. Well, the answer to the question is yes, but it’s not a straightforward yes.

Where land-based casinos are concerned, if you’re in the Toronto area, you can play at one, but for less than fifty days of the year. Yes, you read that correctly. You see, the land-based casino in Toronto runs as a part of the Canadian National Exhibition, opening its doors in July and closing them again in September. So it’s a case that you’ll have to be quick to enjoy some casino gaming in person in Toronto.

For those visiting the gaming venue, also known as the CNE Casino, there will be around one hundred games available to play, so there is something for everyone from the get-go. And stakes start at $1 and rise to a maximum of $100, so the betting range is accessible to everyone too. There is usually a fee to enter the CNE Casino to play games for real cash, which you kind of expect with time-limited events such as this, and there will be good and drink available to purchase too.

The most popular game at the CNE Casino is poker, and because of this, organisers go the extra mile to deliver a great experience. So, over where poker games are happening, players can expect better air conditioning, for example. While the staking limits remain the same, poker is hugely popular, so there is often a wait to be sat at tables. And, it’s not just standard poker that is available to play; there is video poker, too, so poker fans are well catered for.

Of course, fans of casino gaming aren’t just fans of it during the time the CNE Casino is available to visit, and this is where global brands like PartyCasino enter the conversation. In the event that punters don’t have land-based casinos that are easily accessible on-demand or the time to visit them anyway, they’re going to turn to online casinos, of which there are countless around on the internet that welcome players from Toronto and Canada in general with open arms.

And perhaps that’s why the CNE Casino, only being available for a limited time each year, isn’t too much of a problem for casino players. Yes, they will likely prefer Toronto to have a couple of land-based casinos that are open all year round, but with online casinos readily available, it’s just so much more convenient to play via them instead. And then punters can look at the CNE Casino as a change of pace and an alternative when it opens in July each summer. It could actually prove to be the perfect combination for some players, who can play online for some of the year, and then head to the CNE Casino to break up the monotony of sorts.

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