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marketing trends

Be cautious about implementing marketing trends, however, since trends are like fashion fads – Photo courtesy Unsplash

It’s okay to study the trends in marketing if you want to know what’s going on and how you can take advantage of those trends for your business. You need to be cautious, though, since these trends are like fashion fads. They might work well for others, but not for you. They might work now but won’t last forever.

Find out how others took advantage of the trend

You need to know how other companies made the most of the marketing trend. For instance, one company might have used digital signage. You will spend money on signage. Would it be worth it if you used the same approach? Did the company improve its popularity because of it? If you think you’ll experience the same advantage, you can pursue the same strategy; otherwise, you need to halt the plan. Wait until you can find a more appropriate strategy or one that you feel comfortable using.

Be careful with online marketing trends

You’ll find lots of online marketing trends and all of them seem to be useful. The truth is that these strategies change quickly. Not so long ago, email marketing was a trend. Companies used the data obtained to send newsletters and further their advertising. Today, most companies wouldn’t dare use that strategy because people would ignore the emails and delete them without reading. It’s a waste of effort and could only hurt the brand.

The key is to determine how long the strategy has been in use and if it worked well for many companies. Make sure that success isn’t exclusive only to a handful of companies to ensure it will have the same effect when you decide to use it.

Traditional strategies are still useful

You might feel obsessed about following current trends, and you end up forgetting other approaches that might work. For instance, several companies still take advantage of pullup banners. They seem out of place in a digital age, but they’re still useful. Some people don’t look at information online all the time, and the use of traditional approaches might be helpful. If you forget those who don’t regularly go online, you risk isolating them.

Be patient in seeing results

Try different approaches and see where they lead you. Take note of the strategies that work and use them again next time. If you fail with one method, you can move ahead to another strategy and try your best to make it work.

If new trends are replacing the old ones, you can decide to use them if you deem them to be appropriate; otherwise, you need to look at alternatives.

Although you can analyse how your competitors took advantage of the trends, you shouldn’t be envious of their success and do the same thing. If you try following a trend, it helps if you find a way to make it close to your brand, so people will find it easy to relate to.

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