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New exchanger for cryptocurrencies from speed, convenience and no limits of exchange operations

A team of professional developers from Estonia is launching a new crypto exchanger Being extremely enthusiastic about making a name on the market team has serious plans on improving and adding features into their brainchild. users can already choose from more than 121 crypto coins in order to proceed in exchange operations legally having in mind refilling the list of the coins in the shortest time. is a service that will unite services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, as well as their safe storage, and will allow its clients to transfer funds in secure wallets within a short time frame.

Besides that, the team is going to present the affiliate program, which will delight active users with pleasant bonuses and the possibility of getting passive earnings.

Benefits of using services are as follows:

  • The execution time of exchange usually varies from 1 to 30 minutes, depending on how quickly the transaction will be confirmed by the network and the new block will be formed in the blockchain network. Different coins require different confirmation times, and if some coin needs more confirmation, notifies users of possible delays before they send the coins to the platform. In case of large volumes (more than 1 BTC), the processing time may be a little longer than just a few minutes during the general transactions.
  • While other services impose artificial limits on the exchange volumes, allows exchanging any amount at a time. guarantees that a client will get the exact amount of coins that he has stated. There are no upper limits for cryptocurrency exchanges on
  • The number of exchanges which have a very valuable option to protect clients from sudden market fluctuations is limited. in its turn has advantages over other exchangers by allowing its clients to make operations with the fixed rate which is displayed to the client on the moment of transaction. fixes the exchange rate in order to protect its customers from the adverse market rate fluctuations. Fixation remains if the funds arrive within 15 minutes after the transaction is created.
  • io technical support line is available 24\7.
  • Exchangers take their percentage of transactions as payment for their services. And this percentage lowers the potential revenue. For the exchange of any volume, takes a single fair fee varying from 0.1% to 0.3%.

Currently, there is a noticeable positive trend in increasing the financial literacy of the population, thus more and more people understand the intricacies of working with cryptocurrencies.

Making cryptocurrencies more expendable, creating a supportive ecosystem around them which includes both reliable wallets and digital asset exchanges, can facilitate the adoption of digital assets around the world.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the expansion of the range of opportunities for their use has led to the emergence of specialized services that exchange digital coins for other coins or fiat money. If at one time these exchangers had to be searched for at incomprehensible Internet nooks, nowadays such exchangers are almost at every step. Therefore, seeing the need for worthy crypto exchangers that have proven their worth by time and deed, decided to launch a well-thought-out and in-demand product. As the developers say, “We are working every day to improve the processes of cryptocurrency exchange”.

About is a licensed platform for legal digital assets and cryptocurrency exchanges, which provides its users with legal, secure, and fast cryptocurrency swaps. You can choose from more than 121 coins, and the list of available coins is constantly expanding. The company is located in Estonia and has all the necessary permits and documents to carry out activities in the field of cryptocurrencies. Our support managers are always ready to help you and answer your questions, 24/7. Website

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