Nowadays, it’s really important to take care of online safety due to a great number of hacker attacks.

Tor, VPN, other services allow you securing a trade secret and getting access to sites and services not available in one or another region. Recently, the popularity of anonymous web surfing has increased significantly.

If you are willing to not only feel free on the web but also to download any files you want, then you should definitely install the rarbg torrent which will allow you to find any files you want. At the same time, VPN will allow you securely transferring information to remote servers changing your location and IP address.

Why You Need The Service

If you really need to keep privacy and remain anonymous online, you need to take some special steps and measures. Your traffic is always monitored and kept by the provider. Your Internet requests are analyzed and stored by providers, search engines, advertisers, social networks, etc. It is completely natural for a person to protect him/herself from monitoring and start building a private anonymous Internet connection. It’s essential to create your own personal space.

There are many ways to protect yourself. And the evolution of the protection methods is practically the same for everyone. First, you need to turn private mode, plug-ins to the browser, proxy server, anonymizer, special modes in browsers and Tor-browser on. Then you need to learn how to create secure channels between computers by yourself. And in the end, you inevitably come to the necessity of using a VPN free.


VPN is a really reliable way to transfer information. If your traffic is intercepted, it will still remain encrypted making it possible for you to avoid any possible problems. An activated VPN connection with a provider from another country lets you access sites blocked in your region.

  • The first function the VPN is known for is changing the IP address to de-personalize you as much as possible and let you remain completely anonymous. Due to this feature, you can choose from lots of servers in different countries and use all the necessary services as if you are there. You will be connected to the web via a remote server. You can choose the country and location of the server.
  • The server encrypts all sent and received data allowing you to protect such important things as passwords and personal data of payment services and bank cards.
  • VPN is the most widespread way to get access to blocked websites and applications. VPN also makes it possible for you to feel completely free while surfing the web. Such a way, you are able to get access to any content you are willing to, watch anything you want to, listen to any music and play any games. You will gain access to blocked sites, services and apps.

Setting up VPN the right way, all traffic will be protected for all protocols and applications. Your provider can record and keep this traffic in accordance with the law as long as needed, but this won’t make any sense: it’s encrypted and can’t be decrypted by any means.

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