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Insta is the largest platform for blog development, creating your own brand and doing business. The audience of the network is more than a billion people who are active in interesting profiles every day. Recently, videos have become one of the most popular formats on the resource. The developers have introduced new opportunities to create clips through which you can show your talents and get new subs.

Reels are getting particularly popular now, although IGTV and stories were at the peak of fame not so long ago. Now they have receded into the background and have given way to short videos that are gaining hundreds of thousands of red hearts. Many users have fallen in love with such content, and they are actively following the novelties in the recommendations. This is the reason why businessmen and bloggers began to actively create such content. Of course, creating clips is not as easy as taking a photo, but with the help of this format it becomes possible to organically attract the attention of the audience without large monetary investments.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the account is ready to become popular. Do you have a bright memorable nickname, a high-quality photo on your avatar and a clear profile description? Then you did everything right! If this is not the case, correct the existing fields. Often people are repelled by illiterate sentences “about themselves”, a dull nickname or an incorrectly selected photo. Together, this will lead to the fact that people will not want to subscribe to you, even if they are interested in the content. So, before promoting a profile, work on making it look interesting and full in the eyes of potential followers.

The same point can be attributed to the need to have a database of likes, followers and comments. If there are few likes on your publications, and there are only a few people in the “subscribers” line, this may alienate the reader. In order for the “herd instinct” to work for the viewer, it’s necessary to increase the number of red hearts. Buy instagram likes or ask all your friends to support your creativity. This will help to increase the activity on the page, and as a result, more people will subscribe to you.

How to create an interesting short video?

Come up with a plot. It seems to many that it’s very simple, but in our opinion it’s one of the most important and time-consuming moments in creating a video. In order to create high-quality content, you need to decide on your topic. Are you interested in the beauty sphere? Then you can shoot a small sketch about funny situations that happened to you. Do you like sports? Show your favorite exercises or make a video where you cook healthy meals for lunch. Your videos should reflect your account, so don’t deviate from the topic set in your profile and publish Reels that will be interesting to potential viewers. If you don’t have any ideas, you can see which videos are popular now and borrow some good stories.

Visual. Don’t forget that Insta is a social network where people who like aesthetically beautiful pictures spend their time. Active users can watch videos about mountains, sea and sunsets for hours, because such clips fascinate with their extraordinary atmosphere. But if you’re not a traveler and your page is not about that, it does not mean that short videos are not for you. A visually pleasing picture should be created in any case, even if you’re shooting humorous shorts. Get yourself cleaned up if you’re going to be in the frame. Work on the background to make it look harmonious on the video and use effects and filters to create an unusual style.

Regularity. Upload at least a few clips a week. Now IG is actively promoting Reels and IGTV in the recommendations, because developers want to draw attention to these innovations. Sometimes the recommendations come across clips of accounts that don’t have so many subs. This suggests that Insta algorithms independently promote short videos to the top. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain an audience organically, and if you want to speed up this process, you can buy real Instagram likes. Users will be interested in your content because of the large number of red hearts and will start following you.

Following trends in the social network is very important and always has a positive effect on your image in the media sphere. Do you want to always stay in the spotlight and be attractive to the audience? Use all the opportunities that the platform offers. Who knows, maybe your clip will become one of the most viral on the Internet?

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