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Recently, Samsung, one of the most important South Korean companies today, announced that it would be launching a new television set on which Xbox video games can be played without the need to connect the console. The models will be two Neo QLEDs with a refresh rate of 144hz.

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The interest in the gaming world is so tremendous that it is said that 200 billion dollars will be raised this year to be invested into this industry, and that is why Samsung has decided to launch the first Gaming TV in Argentina: two television sets of 43 and 50 inches respectively with 4K resolution. In addition, both TVs include Xbox Game Pass, which will enable them compatible for playing Xbox games without physically owning, or even plugging in the console device.

Features of the Samsung Gaming TV

These TVs will have much faster images and smooth transitions between scenes, giving the user a competitive edge while gaming. In addition, both models have 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and thanks to Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro features, gamers will be able to enjoy their favourite games without lagging or low framerate levels.

Thanks to their Ultra-wide screens, there are no blind spots, allowing the user to have a better view during gameplay and have full view of the radar at the bottom of the screen to locate their allies and enemies.

FreeSync Premium Pro technology will also be included in these models, so games will feel smoother as the response time between the TV and the console will be reduced. It also prevents the game from stuttering and having incomplete framerates.

Samsung’s own team assures us that by having a much faster reaction time than we are used to, the chances of hitting a target are higher.

Samsung Gaming TV Strategies and Accessories

With this new launch by Samsung, the Korean company will be able to grow closer to new users and offer them the latest launches related to the display market. Samsung assures their costumers that they are always trying to create products and solutions so that everyone can enjoy content with the possible picture and sound quality.

Thanks to the Samsung Game Bar 2.0 tool, gamers will be able to get the most out of any game. It is possible to change the aspect ratio and see enemies and environment features that would not normally be visible. In addition, it is also possible to adjust the sound coming out of the headphones and the audio.

The Xbox Game Pass differential on the Samsung Gaming TV

Since this new technology developed by the South Korean giant has made it possible for a television to be compatible with a video game console such as the Xbox, the possibility of having access to its entire catalogue of games could not be missing.

Within this catalogue, users will be able to find classic games and even the latest releases, among others.

Also, within the wide variety of features that these televisions have which will make improvements to performance, is the Mini LED technology, which incorporates LEDs that are 40 times smaller than conventional ones. With them you will be able to have a higher brightness power, as well as a better contrast and a great colour.

Sound is another important feature, and is designed by Dolby Atmos. It includes the Object Tracking Sound function, with which it will be possible to synchronise television sound with that of the objects appearing on stage. Thus, the experience will be much more immersive than regular.


Even with low cost TVs, the company announced that both Gaming TVs will soon be available to users via Samsung’s official website, although no pricing details have been released for each model.

Are you going to be one of the gamers who will get one of these two Samsung TVs to enjoy the best Xbox games without having the console nearby?

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