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Seven Jobs for Students to Combine Work and Study

According to statistics, about 40% of students are concerned about how to combine work with study. These are usually young people who are forced to earn a living before graduation. However, it does not mean that you should accept any job proposal only to pay your bills on time. Probably, it is better to find a part-time job with a flexible schedule. A free schedule is exactly what helps the student to combine study and work in the best way.

Another option is to get a job where you will be paid hourly or for the exact piece of work, as the essaysmatch writers do. In this case, you and the employer do not lose anything. You will be paid exactly the salary that you deserve. However, the bosses will not “suffer” from your absence, because it will not cost them anything. So, to select the job, which will satisfy all your needs you have to do the following:

1) Decide how much time you can work during the week;

2) Think about your skills and strengths to make a resume;

3) Define possible working areas or positions you want to occur;

4) Think about the monthly wage you want to earn;

5) Send your resume to the employers of your interest and wait for the replies.

Seven Job Proposals Students Usually Accept

If you are looking for a part-time job and have no clue what it might be, here is a list of the most popular options that do not require higher education.

1) Promoter

Distributing leaflets and flyers, participating in promotions, merchandising — is a simple job that students are happy to accept. The main task is to skillfully promote the brand and its products, to make a positive impression. Requirements — attractive appearance, sociability, confidence.

2) Freelancer

Creation and promotion of sites, web design, copywriting — this work requires skills that can be learned in your educational institution or specialized courses. It is important to be able to achieve results, comply with deadlines, and be patient with corrections.

3) Waiter/Administrator

This work is for stress-resistant outgoing people. Additional income in the form of tips is a nice bonus. Requirements — pleasant appearance and voice, endurance, affability.

4) Courier/Assistant

Deliver a parcel, take a queue, pick up tickets, bring bags — there is always a high demand for simple one-time orders. Requirements: responsibility, efficiency, sociability.

5) Call center operator

You will have to deal with customer calls to companies (or several companies) by working in the office or at home. Requirements: pleasant voice, clear diction, stress resistance, friendliness, competence.

6) Tutor

Teaching students, graduates, or adults, improving their knowledge for specific purposes, mastering a foreign language — all this makes this job in high demand. Requirements: good knowledge of the subject, the ability to educate people with different characteristics and backgrounds.

7) Dogsitter

This job implies the routine pet care: from walking to organizing a pet’s temporary residence. Requirements: love for animals, ability to handle them, responsibility.

In this list, there are the most popular options for student part-time jobs. It is enough to compare them, assess your skills, advantages and disadvantages, and choose the right option.

In Conclusion

Remember that the main thing for you now is to gain knowledge and good grades. However, you should not forget about the interests of the employer. When applying for a new place of work, tell your employer that you are a student, and you will need some time to learn. You should not try to hide this information because in the future it can turn into big troubles. Good luck!

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