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Are you a university student? If you are, you most probably use the internet far more than anyone else. Everything from completing assignments online, using online sources for information to emailing lecturers for exam tips gets done using the online platform. Most broadband providers understand and acknowledge how much students ought to depend on the internet. Many internet providers have also found ways to keep students constantly connected at a fraction of the cost. Students can therefore get internet broadband deals specifically meant to suit students’ lifestyles and pockets.

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What does this mean for you as a student?

Exclusive package deals are attainable but you may need your student card to access student broadband deals.

If you are looking to save on one of the most used services for a university student, opt for a student broadband package. At the beginning of the academic year, you can start to search and choose a student broadband deal. You must do your research well so you can find the best type of package for you. An added advantage with the student broadband deals is the duration of the contract. You can choose an internet package for 9 months as well. The idea of getting to take a flexible 9-month contract means that you don’t need to be stuck in 2 year-long contracts that are impossible to get out of before the year is over. This is why even adults consider taking out a student broadband deal. The only catch, however, is that you have to produce some type of proof to say that you are a student before you actually get to the final stages of the contract.

Do you need to produce a student card?

If you cannot simply prove that you are a student, you lose the chance of getting exclusive internet package deals that are meant specifically for students. It is vital to show broadband providers that you really do meet the criteria to be considered eligible for a certain package.

Are there other ways to prove you are a student without proper identification?

Not all universities provide a student card. In that case, you must remember that your university email address may also signify the truth that you are still in university. Some internet providers also use your university email address as the official point of communication. Your university email address serves as proof that you are eligible for the student broadband package.

Some internet service providers are far more reasonable but you still need to carefully consider the terms of the contract which specify how you can prove that you are a university student. If the broadband contract provider Is rather sticky about producing proof, you need to make sure you meet the provider’s requirements.

So what if you are unable to meet the requirements to secure the student package?

To be able to get a glorious student discount, sometimes you don’t need to settle solely for the student package. There are many value-worthy packages that are not marketed as student packages. If you sign a contract for one of these packages, you will surely save quite a lot in the long run. Even though these packages are not meant only for students they are still appealing and cost-effective. In keeping up with the idea of getting the most for your money’s worth, certain budget-friendly packages include gift vouchers, rewards and sometimes even cashback. You may even score a technological gift like a laptop with the package. This sounds like quite the treat for all even for those internet users who are not students.

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