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Are you looking to upgrade to a mid size SUV? You wouldn’t be the only one. The mid size SUV has quickly become one of the bestselling vehicle models, and you see them everywhere now. Everyone wants to get behind the wheel of one, and it’s not hard to see why.

The popularity of the mid size SUV in Canada is undeniable. These are some of the reasons that mid size SUVs are outselling all other models of passenger vehicles.

#1 More Passenger and Cargo Space

At the top of the list of reasons to get an SUV is the simplest one: there’s more space for passengers and cargo. Mid size SUVs fit the lifestyle of a growing, busy family. There’s a wide range of options between models. You can usually find models that offer between five and eight seats.

Larger interiors can offer up to three rows of seating. Most mid size SUVs also have generous cargo space.

#2 Feeling Safer on the Road

Getting into a bigger set of wheels certainly makes drivers feel safer. Statistics show that SUVs are, in fact, safer for drivers, and there are fewer driver deaths due to collisions in larger vehicles than smaller ones. Larger, heavier vehicles tend to carry more momentum, and lighter vehicles feel more of the effect of a collision than larger ones.

In some ways, it’s the popularity of SUVs that’s caused more and more drivers to want them. As people see more SUVs on the streets, they want the same sense of safety as those around them.

#3 New Features and Technology

The larger size of an SUV can make it hard for those used to driving sedans reluctant to convert, but new features and technology like backup cameras help ease the transition. Most SUVs today also come with state-of-the-art gadgets and teach features, such as touchscreen infotainment systems and smartphone integration.

#4 Better Fuel Economy and Affordability

Only a decade or two ago, bigger usually meant more expensive. Auto manufacturers have changed the way they design SUVs to make them more car-based. SUVs now offer better performance, better fuel economy, and they both look and feel more like luxury vehicles.

#5 Commanding Views of the Road

While these are all great reasons to get into a mid size SUV, one of the biggest reasons people are leaving smaller cars behind to get behind the wheel of an SUV is that they offer a commanding view of the road.

Even smaller SUVs provide significant elevation compared to a lower-sitting car. The height and design give you a better view of the road ahead, and it makes many drivers feel more comfortable as they have a feeling of greater control.

A mid size SUV is a great choice for your next vehicle. They’re increasingly affordable, offer better fuel economy than models from years ago, and they keep up with your changing lifestyle while providing a better sense of security and views of the road.

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