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Baseball field

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

It’s little wonder that baseball is so popular at the moment. After all, with so many talented players plying their trade, the standard of the league is as high as it’s been in many years. Though the general standard of playing is high, there are some players that have gone above and beyond to make the league what it is. In this blog, we’ll run through five of the best baseball players right now, in no particular order.

Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts can do everything, and that makes him a dream player. A solid defender who hits the ball well and runs bases like a pro, he’s a big reason why the Los Angeles Dodgers are favorites to win the World Series. He’s had some injury problems this year, but if he can stay fit for the remainder of the season, LA will surely be going far in the playoffs.

Mike Trout

Will there ever be a season where Mike Trout isn’t considered one of, if not the best player in the league? At this rate, it seems unlikely. He’s not just putting in numbers that make him stand out amongst his peers; he’s increasingly becoming an all-time great, a player who’s right up there with the best of the best.

Gerrit Cole

Gerrit Cole does give up his fair share of home runs, but when you’re as good as he is, that’s pretty forgivable. Not for nothing did the New York Yankees hand him a $324 million contract. He’s simply the best pitcher in the league, as his record of 94 strikeouts in 73 innings during the 2020 season demonstrates.

Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman had a pretty incredible 2020 season, during which he hit career-highs at bat. Can he continue to do it in 2021 and beyond? The thing is, Freeman doesn’t have to be superhuman. He could afford to lose a little of his potency and still be considered one of the best in the league at bat.

Juan Soto

If you’re mentioned in the same breath as Ted Williams, then you must be doing something right. Juan Soto is hitting numbers that are eerily similar to Williams, and he has just as much superstar power, too. No one is ever guaranteed to become the best hitter in a season before it’s in full swing, but Juana Soto will know that if he delivers his best, then that title is his.

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