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mountain bike

Getting a mountain bike may not be as easy as walking into a mall and pointing at one, especially when you’re looking for a bike that’s perfect for you. It doesn’t even matter what your level of experience is, just looking at the vast array of options could sway you.

What is now offered in the market undermines what generally categorizes mountain bikes. Bike manufacturers are consistently innovating with next generation components, balancing, geometry, gear ratios, etc.

There are other things to consider before finally choosing a bike that’s right for you. If MTB is one outdoor activity you’re looking at this summer, check out these 5 tips before you buy one.

How and where do you Ride?

So, what is your riding style? What does your terrain looks like? Being able to answer these questions will play a huge part in helping you choose the ideal bike. The bike’s suspension mechanism and tyre type will depend on your topography. The roughest trails will require a lot of balancing and shock absorption. Full suspension bikes with 27.5- or 29-inch tyres are best for rough tracks. Less challenging tasks may be pursued with Hardtails or rigid bikes.


There are different mountain bike styles suited for specific landscapes:

  • Trail Bikes which are the most adaptable can handle several trail conditions. It offers efficiency and a fun experience. It is perfect for handling climbs and descents for riders of all experience levels.
  • Cross-country Bikes are light-weight, high performance machines, and they are perfect for competitive racing and swift scaling.
  • Fat Bikes are recognized for their ability to tackle snow-trails. Their oversize tyres offer exceptional grip for beginners in rough terrains. These bikes offer year-round riding in all conditions. They hardly get damaged.
  • Endure Bikes performs excellently on extremely steep descents and leg-burning climbs. They’re not dubbed all-mountain bikes for no reason. These ones are for riders who always seek out trails with the most technical features.

Overall, it is best to get a versatile mountain bike that will perform excellently in whatever trail it finds itself on. We recommend a Raleigh Tokul 2. Raleigh are one of the most popular brands and the Tokul is one of the most popular models.

Size and Fit

A bike that’s perfect for your terrain may turn into a device that tortures you if it has a bad fit. A bike that fits perfectly will enhance your handling and provide comfort, thereby giving you the confidence to tackle more challenging trails.

Bike Features

Mountain bikes, depending on manufacturer and specifications feature a variety of materials. Components, design, wheel size and weight may also vary. The materials used and the level of technology invested in bikes will inform their prices and affect your choice. Considering weight, build, and componentry before making a choice may be overwhelming. But this will help you stay within your budget while making a choice.

Check Customer Reviews

Mountain bikes can be pricey, and also can the cost of maintaining them. When you want to purchase a mountain bike, look them up on credible sites and check out the reviews of verified buyers. Of course, all customers will not give a 5-star feedback but you should be able to determine the bike’s reliability after skimming through tens of reviews. Doing this will save you a lot of headache in the long run.

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