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Read our trip hacking tips and you are good to go!

From Las Vegas to Mauritius, you don’t need to be a millionaire or billionaire to travel to those places for vacation. In fact, with proper planning and research, we can confidently say that anybody can travel like a king. All you have to do is take advantage of some aspects of the vacation trip that will not cause you any setback financially. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to have an amazing trip. Just change your itinerary to one of your dream exotic locations, read our trip hacking tips and you are good to go! Read on for more! 

Travel in Style

First things first – you have to get your vacation location from your home. Why not get there in style? You can enjoy a private jet from Chartright or book a yacht if you are travelling overseas, right? Although a tad out of your budget, JetSuite is a private air travel company that offers hourly rates from $1,300 to $3,000.

Another site, SuiteDeals offers last minute flight bookings at rates as low as $536 for the entire jet. If you love the seas, you can book a yacht easily from GetMyBoat company. The yacht will be able to accommodate six people as well as two crew members at just $750 ($125 each!) for a full-day sail. Life is beautiful. Isn’t it?

Indulge in Luxury at Resorts and Hotels

The business of luxury accommodation is growing at a phenomenal pace and more and more people are able to experience this lifestyle, thanks to lower prices and extra benefits. If you are planning to go to extravagant Mauritius, it is always advisable to do your homework before. Head there during February which is labelled as the rainy season. You will be amazed to see the difference in prices of hotel commodities and services with the peak season prices.

As per the founder of the luxury hotel and resort website, Mr & Mrs Smith, James Lohan said, “There are ways to secure a quality stay without paying full whack. Signing up to a travel club will often mean access to exclusive deals; private-sale sites can be a great source but look carefully before you buy – don’t be blinded by offers that chain you to travelling in the middle of the night.”

If all you can dream of is playing quality casino games, then, you could simply visit the Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino in Argentina or The Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Enjoy an impeccable time at the awesome gaming floors and dwell in the elite class luxurious treatment at the resort facilities. Spend your leisure time at the luxury boutiques, world-class restaurants, high-end shopping malls, all built inside the casino resorts! It’s like a mini-city inside the resorts – how cool is that! Well, on the other hand, if you enjoy staying indoors and still yearn to discover the best-loved casino games, then, let me tell you that there are a great number of online casinos that offer an invigorating collection of casino slot games such as Monster Casino and many others. 

Visiting Cheap and Exotic Countries

Your shoestring budget vacation can turn into an exotic one if you know the right places to visit.  Try Portugal instead of Spain. Not only are the people and weather similar but also the transportation and the housing costs, often cheaper. Instead of the western countries like Italy or France, try visiting Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. They have similar European railways, architecture and culture. Enjoy warm temperatures and exotic cuisines by visiting  Southeast Asia instead of Dubai. 

Travel to those countries where your currency stretches farther and in no time, you will feel like a millionaire. Philippines and Vietnam are hot choices for travellers who want to live in paradise at low budgets.

The Chauffeur Charisma

Want to dominate the local tourist pub in elite fashion? Hire a chauffeur! Sit back, relax and let someone else take the headache of taking you through the traffic. You can try popular websites like Dryver which offers cheap personal drivers for as low as  $20 an hour. Enjoy the first-class service with your friends and family on-road and head over to your nearest destination in style. Skip the hassle of thinking about where to park your car or where to pick the car. Your chauffeur will do everything for you while you can enjoy your day in premium style. Don’t forget your selfies! And, the look on the faces of other people when they see you storming from your car as the chauffeur opens the car door for you.

Other Great Vacation Ideas

  • Get repositioning cruise rides. Enjoy premium services for discounted prices and tickets. Dance under the stars, deck-top swimming and catered meals all at a minimal price.
  • Wine tasting seems like a soothing start of the day. Enjoy staring at exotic artworks as you sip through the handpicked wine offerings.
  • Redeem travel rewards credit card, discounts on in-flight purchases and book during off-seasons. 
  • Book your tickets during promotional periods.
  • Join loyalty programs and avail premium services like dining on a budget.

Remember – Money cannot buy happiness. The things that matter don’t have a price tag. So, enjoy!

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