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Whether you are just about to start your journey in promoting your NPO or you have already been doing it for some time you have definitely heard about User Profiles that all marketing experts insist on completing before you get to any non-profit promo activity.

It’s true that an efficient strategy for promoting your organization, building its community, collecting funds, and so on, is essential. Some small organizations might note that those are big businesses like Amazon that need a complex strategy that includes multiple user profiles.

But the truth is that even those big business-oriented companies pay more attention not to various users but to their demography. It does not mean though that you do not need to understand who your audience is. It’s just that you can complete one user profile that you will work with instead of multiple ones in case you do not have enough experience or resources for it. This way you will increase the communication and promotion efficiency of your nonprofit agency, as well as save precious time and money.

What does a User Profile Look Like?

Values & Goals

● What does this person want?

● What things does this person find important?






● Name/General Description

● Age

● Gender

● Marital Status

● Children

● Location

● Motto/Quotation Line (to characterize the person)

● Occupation

● Position at work

● Hobbies

● Income

● Education

● Social Activity

● Prefered channels of communication

and any other info available

Difficulties & Weak Points

● What are the things this person wants to avoid?

● What is this person afraid of?

Sources of Information used

● Books

● Magazines

● Websites

● Influencers

● Events

Objection(s) to become a supporter

● What does prevent this person from becoming your supporter?

● Does this person make a decision of becoming a supporter of your NPO himself? If not then who does?

Each NPO should stay people (read “user”) oriented to meet their expectations and cover their needs. Only this way those people will support you and value what you do.

Does “user” always mean “supporter”?

Those are similar things but still different from the non-profit marketing point of view. Your supporter can join you not through your promo channels. It can just be a socially conscious Internet user that does not even fit into your target audience. A perfect result of all your promo actions would be a conversion of “user” into “supporter. It is also important to remember that it’s much easier to convince your active supporter to complete a necessary action than to attract a new one because there’s already a connection between you.

Consider creating at least one User Profile for your organization or even a couple: one for donors and one for volunteers, for example. Then you will manage the chaos of marketing tools and complete your objectives, instead of wasting your resources.

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