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We’re living through a period of economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has caused economic downturns, and individual and business financial losses on a monumental scale around the world. The ambiguity of the depth and length of the economic slowdown has made it even more difficult for businesses to adapt. However, the venture capital sector of the financial capital markets is well-prepared for incidents of disruption and even recognize opportunity when it presents itself.

Vancouver Entrepreneur Chris Kape: “Business as Usual” for JAMCO Capital Despite COVID-19 Crisis

In Vancouver, the team at JAMCO Capital, (JAMCO) an early stage venture capital and consulting firm, has retained their well-established high levels of service throughout the pandemic by demonstrating high levels of financial competency by being proactive in their investment approach and continuing to build enterprise value for themselves and their investees.

With many startups and small businesses still turning to investors for funding, JAMCO has been business as usual. Chris Kape, President and CEO of JAMCO, explains that “in such times of volatility, it is critical that business leaders remain calm and look forward to the future, rather than making rash decisions in the moment. However, it is also important to act swiftly and adjust strategies in the near-term that will allow businesses to preserve necessary resources.”

“Small businesses will need to persevere through a temporary depression in most markets. This is the time to do everything possible to retain cash flow and maintain business operations, product development and plans for future growth. Building a successful company and investing are long-term endeavors,” continued Kape. He notes that “we’re investing in the steady growth and potential of a company over time and the economy will rebound eventually.”

As founder, Kape has helped a range of private and public businesses in various stages of their life cycle, from incubation to commercialization to maturity, including successful business exits. He founded JAMCO Capital in 2001 and since that time he has provided equity and strategic consulting services to more than 20 companies, mostly in the gaming, high tech and wellness industries.

JAMCO Capital’s most recent transactions in 2020 include deals with OneComply and Splash Technology. OneComply is a Canadian company that provides businesses and key personnel with a secure digital storage and compliance solution for the ever-evolving regulatory environment in the global gaming space.

Speaking to the deal is OneComply CEO, Cameron Conn.  “We are very excited to have the support of Chris and JAMCO Capital. Chris’s experience as both an investor and entrepreneur allow him to give honest and constructive commentary that is instrumental in fostering founder and business confidence. Chris is an investor that makes your company stronger just by being involved.”

Splash Technology is a UK firm that develops highly interactive mobile gaming apps and recently launched their proprietary, free to play platform called Swipe.  Adam Wilson, President of Splash Technology said: “Securing Chris as an investor and Board Member for Splash Technology has been the single most important development in the business to date. He brings incomparable knowledge, experience and insights from an incredibly successful career and we could not be more excited to share in the success of our business moving forward.”

In addition to the deals with OneComply and Splash Technology, one of Chris Kape and JAMCO Capital’s biggest accomplishments to date took place in 2018, when he sold Las Vegas-based Don Best Sports Corporation (Don Best), a leading global supplier of real-time betting data and pricing for North American sporting events, to Scientific Games Corporation (SG), a publicly traded corporation that provides gambling products and services to lottery and gambling organizations across the globe.  Don Best had been a JAMCO portfolio company since it was procured in 2006.

The deal expanded Scientific Games’ business-to-business sports betting offerings by adding powerful new capabilities to the company’s one-stop shop for sportsbook solutions. Don Best’s trading platform and expertise, combined with SG’s OpenBet platform, further enhanced SG’s world-class sports betting solution for the expanding U.S. market and beyond.

“The gaming space is an exciting and profitable industry with very strong potential for continued growth – and it keeps expanding into new territory such as legalized US sports betting and eSports,” said Chris Kape.

With these deals, and more to come in the future, Kape said JAMCO “never missed a beat” when it came to servicing clients during lockdown. “Our services are still fully accessible for the small business sector, and we’re here to listen.” Kape maintains that manoeuvring through this historic and challenging time requires adopting the right mindset. “While it’s difficult to carry on business as usual at times, it’s important to keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel and strategic actions taken now will impact future success.”

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