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Vape vaping

The marijuana industry is an industry that is growing rapidly. There are constant changes and improvements that are happening in the industry that make the experience better for the user. From being stigmatized and a taboo topic in society, the marijuana industry has come a long way. The herb is now being researched for its abundance of medical benefits and many places around the world are legalising the controversial herb. Dry herb vaporizers are not immune to technology, the latest ones are extremely popular and many smokers are putting down their joints and bongs and picking up a dry herb vaporizer instead. Many retailers, such as Grasscity, are now making dry herb vaporizers available, and they are available at both online and physical stores. People love marijuana and how it makes them feel but are starting to prefer a healthier method of consumption and here is why.

Vape anywhere

Dry herb vaporizers are very convenient. One of the most popular benefits and main reasons why people buy vaporizers is because they are portable and you can smoke at any time and anywhere. If you want to vape, you just need to pull out your dry herb vaporizer and have a few pulls which are quick and easy compared to a joint for example that requires you to prep the herb and then roll it before you smoke it. It saves you a lot of admin and you can smoke your favourite dry herbs on the go with no hassle.

Secret smoking

Another reason why cannabis users are switching to dry herb vaporizers is that it is very discreet meaning you will not draw any attention to yourself when you decide to vape. Vaporizers are small and easy to conceal and they produce far less smoke than traditional smoking which means you can enjoy vaping indoors. Adding to this is the fact that it does not produce a smell so you can enjoy vaping anywhere and you don’t have to have any smell lingering on your hands, clothes, or hair. The fact that it is so discreet makes the experience more pleasurable for you and those around you.

Healthier alternative

Traditional smoking comes with many health risks such as lung cancer and upper airway cancer which can also lead to bronchitis. Smoking also increases your risk of developing microscopic injury to your large airways which shows just how unhealthy smoking is for your body. Opposing that is vaping, which reduces the harmful effects that smoking has on the lungs because when you use a dry herb vaporizer, no toxins are being released. Taking all of this into consideration, it is obvious to conclude that using a dry herb vaporizer is much healthier than smoking and this can be attributed to the fact that vaporizers use a different heating method. If you are a smoker who wants to quit, vaping is a recommended option for you.

More potent, more flavour

A great thing about dry herb vaporizers is that they provide a more potent hit because the temperature produced is far lower and more specific which uses the compounds to their fullest potential and you use less marijuana. Some vaporizers also allow you to use THC extract which is significantly more concentrated and stronger. In terms of flavour, when you vape, a lot more terpenes are activated which results in more flavour. Dry herb vaporizers also give you the option to adjust the temperature which results in more flavour and aroma is released, giving you a more pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Vaping optimizes the effects of terpenes instead of heating and destroying them, which is what happens during combustion.

Marijuana is no longer a taboo topic in our society and people of all ages are embracing the herb in all its wonder and glory. People are now seeking healthier and more effective ways to consume marijuana and shifting away from the traditional method of smoking joints and even bongs. Dry herb vaporizers are rising in popularity and it’s no secret as to why. They are convenient and allow you to smoke anywhere and at any time, they are extremely discreet and attract minimal attention, they are a lot healthier than smoking and they give a more potent and flavourful experience. This is a great method of consumption.

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