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Has the peak of digital advertising growth come and gone? While digital advertising is going to be a crucial pillar of marketing for a long time to come, the digital landscape has reached saturation, and brands are responding by reinvesting in Out-of-Home advertising.

Just think about what websites look like these days. They’re rife with video ads, pop-ups, side banners, and more. Social media is rife with promotional posts and sponsored influencers. By some estimates, people today see over 5,000 ads online every day. That’s more than 10 times the estimated number of ads people saw in the 1970s when most of the ads they experienced were on TV, the radio, billboards, and in print.

The inundation of the digital sphere with advertising has also diluted its effectiveness. More and more people are investing in ad blockers, and people have trained themselves to tune out all the visual clutter they see on websites.

Advertising Spends Are Shifting from Digital to Out of Home

According to industry analysts, while digital ad spends continue to grow, they will do so at a slower pace than their peak growth in 2021, to the point that Out-of-Home advertising will outpace all other marketing channels, including digital.

That’s not to say that digital spending doesn’t have its place, but many brands and marketing agencies are seeing the value in Out-of-Home as people go back to the office, spend more time commuting and shopping in person, and attend big events.

Companies are increasingly using a multi-pronged approach to get noticed and ensure their audiences remember them.

Brand Activations Come Back to Big Events

Brands looking to make a big impression in the real world are following the return of workers, tourists, shoppers, and entertainment seekers back to urban centres with brand activations targeting big events like festivals, sports, and concerts.

Brand activations can take advantage of major events by creating a unique, impressionable experience that’s going to get a lot of attention.

One way brands can stand out in a crowd is by working with a digital signage company in Toronto. Digital signage is the most effective way to bring dynamic branding, interactive experiences, and eye-level advertising to the real world.

Work with a company with experience working in brand activations at big events like concerts, festivals, and major league sports.

Out-of-Home advertising is more than just highway billboards these days. It’s about data-driven, experiential campaigns that grab your audience’s attention and build a real connection.

Digital Signage in Busy Retail Environments

Everyone thought that the pandemic was the last nail in the coffin for brick-and-mortar shopping. As it turns out, online shopping saw dramatic declines in 2022 as more people flocked to stores in-person than they have in years.

The role of the store and the mall is far from over in retail, and as in-store shopping brings crowds, brands can take advantage with dynamic digital signage for special events and promotions. Brands are turning to innovative Out-of-Home advertising in busy retail environments and seasons to capitalize on brick-and-mortar shopping’s big comeback.

Out-of-Home advertising is a crucial part of any major brand’s ad spend. Don’t neglect real-world advertising for the overcrowded digital space.

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