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Winter is a great time for taking a walk with a child. In order to provide interesting leisure time and make it healthy, you need to buy warm clothing promptly, so that your baby feels comfortable in any weather.

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How to Choose Kids Winter Clothing

The prevailing climatic conditions in the place of residence will help you choose what it is better to put on a child in order to protect him or her from the cold, prevent freezing and strong winds, etc. A shortlist will help facilitate your search for comfortable toddler clothing online on and highlight what you should pay special attention to:

  • Sleeve

Quality clothing for children should come with sleeves that end with cuffs or elastic bands. This will prevent the snow getting under the jacket and protect the baby from the wind.

  • Pants

The previous rule can be also applied for pants. In order for the snow not to get into the boots, the pants should end with an elastic band.

  • Materials

The materials from which the product is made must-have sufficient windproof and water repellent properties. The lining of the selected model should be sewn from natural fabrics, for example, cotton, knitted or flannel. The fleece also gets excellent reviews.

Moreover, do not forget to consult with your child, he or she will tell you what is comfortable and warm enough.

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How to Dress a Child in Winter

The fur of milk, chocolate, sand shades, juicy blue, yellow and green colors are now fashionable as never before. It is rarely used for children’s clothing in its natural form, mainly only for collars and sleeves. Plush models or eco-fur will be stylish for a long time.

One of the main points in the winter wardrobe formation is the right choice of filler. There is a lot of it, and each has both pros and cons. The main ones:

  • Eider or goose one. Such items are very light and warm; fluff is an allergen, so it is not suitable for all children.
  • Bio fluff. This eco-friendly filler saves heat effectively, is light, durable, easy to clean. Perhaps the warmest jackets for children are currently being made with it — it can withstand temperatures up to -40 degrees.
  • This is a hypoallergenic material, the lining of which warms well. However, it is practical mainly for newborn babies, as it is heavy and actively moving children feel uncomfortable.
  • Synthetic winterizer. Its performance is constantly improving, but children with such a heater freeze in frosts lower than -10 °C.
  • This artificial fluff substitute perfectly retains heat, as well as saves its properties and structure even after numerous washes.

Special attention should be paid to membrane clothing which has excellent waterproof and heat-saving characteristics. It is light in weight, as well as quite comfortable. It is suggested to choose models with a smaller amount of insulation (up to 200 g) for active children, while newborns need a larger amount (250-400 g). Membrane items are durable and practical.

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