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Control, customize, and simplify your smart home experience with Homey Pro

Greg GazinHome automation gadgets promise convenience and ease, whether you’re enjoying the comforts of home or on the go. However, with the plethora of devices, brands, apps, and communication protocols out there, making them work seamlessly together might seem like a distant dream.

Enter Homey Pro, a remarkable creation by Netherlands-based Athom B.V.: Homey Pro serves as an advanced and secure universal smart hub within the Homey home automation ecosystem. Homey Pro effortlessly brings all your gadgets and electronics under one roof, eliminating the need for multiple apps and compatibility concerns.

One of Homey Pro’s standout features is its incredible flexibility. Acting as a central hub, it seamlessly connects a wide array of devices, allowing users to customize their smart home experience without the need for complex programming.

Endless automation possibilities

Homey Pro smart home smart hub

Homey Pro connects to a wide array of devices …

Homey Pro

… allowing you to customize your smart home experience …

Homey Pro

… without the need for complex programming.

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Whether controlling door locks, adjusting light switches, or managing thermostats, Homey Pro empowers you to personalize your home automation allowing users to customize their smart home experience.

Homey Pro introduces the concept of “Flows” and “Advanced Flows,” which elevate your home automation experience to new heights. With Flows, you can set up scenarios like automatically unlocking your door when it detects your presence, turning on hallway lights after sunset, or adjusting the thermostat based on room temperature. These examples represent just a glimpse of Homey’s automation potential.

Compatibility across the spectrum

Homey boasts compatibility with a wide range of communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Infrared, 433 MHz RF (Europe, Asia & Oceania only), and the recent Thread or Matter protocol supported by tech giants like Apple, Google, and Ikea. This universal compatibility allows Homey to work harmoniously with over 50,000 home automation devices, covering everything from smart bulbs and plugs to door sensors, locks, thermostats, TVs, and even connected home appliances and electric vehicle chargers. It spans over 1,000 brands, including industry giants like Philips and Ikea and niche players like Sengled, with more continuously added.

Monitor and control with ease

The Homey App serves as your device monitor and control centre, accessible from most iOS or Android mobile devices or via web browsers on Mac, PC, or Linux machines. Voice control options are available through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri Shortcuts, with experimental support for Apple HomeKit. Additionally, Widgets for iOS and Android and Apple Watch compatibility make controlling your smart home a breeze.

Effortless setup

Setting up Homey Pro is a straightforward process. It easily connects to your home’s wireless network or your router with an optional Homey Pro Ethernet adapter. You’re ready to begin after you download the app, create an account, and consult the Quick Start guide. You can organize your devices by floor and room or create custom zones to logically group related devices. Homey typically auto-detects most devices, and in cases where it doesn’t, a quick brand-specific search and connection prompts make setup a breeze. Each brand’s official app can be accessed seamlessly from within the Homey app.

Flows form the backbone of Homey’s automation capabilities. These automated scenarios are built by selecting cards that trigger actions when specific events occur and predefined conditions are met. Homey Logic empowers users to create Advanced Flows from scratch, utilizing variables such as Yes/No conditions, numerical values, text, or device statuses.

For example, you can set up actions like playing a doorbell sound when the doorbell is pushed, capturing a snapshot when motion is detected on the front porch while no one is home and more. Flows can be named, saved, tested, and shared. No coding skills are required, but Homey Scripting offers additional flexibility for those inclined.

Additional features

Homey offers a range of additional features, including Homey Insights for reviewing historical data and Homey Energy for real-time energy consumption monitoring.

Quick and secure

Homey Pro ensures quick and secure operation. It primarily operates locally, relying on the cloud only when necessary. The system allows for user and role assignment, enabling control customization and access management. You can appoint a manager to oversee your smart home when you’re away or grant temporary access, such as for Airbnb guests.

Technical specifications

Homey Pro 2023 boasts a sleek black polished-finished chassis, measuring five inches in diameter and approximately 1.6 inches in height, weighing only 302g. Under the hood, it features a robust 1.8GHz quad-core ARMv8 processor, 2 GB (DDR4 RAM), and 8GB of onboard storage. This iteration offers up to 3.5 times better performance and up to four times better wireless range than its predecessor.

Pricing and availability

Homey Pro 2023 is available in Canada for $549.00 and comes with a two-year warranty. You can purchase it directly from Homey or through

In a world where home automation is becoming increasingly complex, Homey Pro simplifies the experience, making it accessible and manageable for all. With its vast compatibility, user-friendly interface, and extensive automation capabilities, Homey Pro is your gateway to a smarter and more convenient home.

For complete details and more information, visit Homey.App.

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