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Dana WilsonIn halcyon days of yore, banks and various other repositories of society’s valuables used to frown when people entered wearing masks; only recently, in these Covid laden times, they tended to frown when people enter not wearing masks – the coronavirus has been a game changer. We are certainly cursed to be living in ‘interesting’ times.

While we are no longer mandated to stay at home, the virus has led to a definite increase in home-based activities and has seriously impacted socializing while staying at home. An article on Covid and home entertainment from reports: “Many industries have suffered during the pandemic, but home entertainment has benefited. Streaming platforms, gaming companies and high-speed internet providers have all reported gains.”

Streaming sites provide a physically safe way to interact socially. Some can even relieve that cabin fever-induced stress. talks about online gambling as a way to get out of your comfort zone and even relieve some of that Covid stress:” Getting out of the comfort zone and usual daily tasks is what makes gambling worth practicing! It’s safe, fun, and a great way to have fun. If you learn all the basics, rules, and legalities of an online casino, you’re good to start playing.”

That article mentions finding reputable sites to enjoy that stress relief, and there is a site that reviews gaming and sports betting sites in Canada, which can allow the home-based gamer to choose reputable sites to game on. It is Canada Sports Betting.

An interview with a busy home inspector who resides in Devon, Alberta, revealed some of the attraction of online gaming. Martin Osis has many interests and sometimes resents the amount of time he spends tethered to a computer answering emails, producing reports, and generally doing the things necessary to keep a business afloat. He copes during those chained-to-a-computer times by taking breaks on some online gaming sites. “I find that taking a break on these sites actually helps me keep my mental agility and acuity fresh – all work and no play makes Martin a dull boy,” he laughs.

“Seriously though,” he adds, “When I take a mini-break and play a few hands of blackjack or check on the odds on some of my favourite NHL teams, I’m actually more productive when I return to my business, and I know I’m happier taking that break.”

All work and no play, and being housebound is not a recipe for a happy or productive life. Covid has changed how we entertain ourselves, and Forbes, in an article about entertainment habits during the pandemic, indicates that some of those changes might well stick with us. “During the pandemic, 38 percent of consumers say they’ve tried out a new digital media subscription or activity, like playing video games or streaming movies, for the first time. More than two-thirds of those people say they’ll continue to use their new service or engage in the new activity after the pandemic has passed.”

It seems that the internet has been a cornerstone of adult entertainment during and post virus, disseminating essential updates about the virus, information about the world in the midst of the virus, social interaction during the virus, and staying sane during the virus.

It is safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has changed how we entertain ourselves and that those changes are here to stay. It might well be that the pandemic has resulted in home sweeter home.

Dana Wilson is a freelance writer.

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