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The National Citizens Inquiry exposes deception and lack of accountability during the COVID-19 crisis

Ches CrosbieThroughout the COVID crisis, Canadians watched as the very institutions they believed were there to protect their freedoms and prosperity instead perpetrated hysterical fear, political repression and economic destruction.

Reckless disregard, dishonesty, and abuse by authorities have destroyed public trust. Following previous, less significant crises, public hearings would typically have been mandated across Canada to glean insights, uncover the truth, and derive valuable lessons.

However, Canadian governments opted not to initiate public inquiries. Instead, a courageous group of dedicated Canadians volunteered to step in and address the leadership void despite resistance from the government and legacy media. Their mission was to uncover the truth.

The National Citizens Inquiry is funded and staffed by volunteers who believe in a better Canada. Many Canadians, often at personal cost, have come forward to share their stories and experiences with the commissioners. To verify the truth, visit and pick any three testimonies to read. Your life will be changed.

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The reluctance of officials to testify leaves many questioning what these individuals in positions of authority within the national health system and their political masters may be concealing. Sadly, truth and trust are the casualties.

The National Citizens Inquiry’s core objective has always been to reveal the truth rather than seeking reconciliation, since accountability is a fundamental requirement for achieving the latter. Regrettably, individuals in positions of authority within health authorities and political leadership continue to evade responsibility. Nonetheless, a discernible shift in public opinion is currently taking place.

I have a background as a lawyer with many years of experience and have served as the leader of the opposition in my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Politics has taught me the importance of concise messaging. If you find yourself in an elevator, and someone asks you, “What did the National Citizens Inquiry say?” you have only a brief moment between when the doors close and when they open to deliver your message. Therefore, in my role as the administrator of the National Citizens Inquiry, here is my elevator speech.

Three indisputable facts about the COVID-19 vaccines stand out. These facts are beyond dispute because even authorities like Health Canada acknowledge them:

The first fact beyond dispute is that Health Canada did not explicitly declare the vaccines safe and effective during the approval process. This specific terminology is absent from the approval documentation and regulations. Instead, it can be found on the Health Canada website, where the vaccines are misleadingly described as “proven safe and effective and of good quality.” In reality, the phrase “safe and effective” is nothing more than a marketing slogan and a deceptive one at that.

The second fact beyond dispute is that the process by which the vaccines were made for approval, was a different process from the process by which they were made for mass production. In this domain of health regulation, the process is the product, and there has been a bait-and-switch perpetrated on the public, by which the public received a different product from the product which was approved.

The third fact beyond dispute is that the vaccines are adulterated by the presence of foreign DNA fragments and a sequence from a monkey virus called sv40, suspected of causing cancer.

Health Canada does not deny these shocking facts. Do vaccines with such a deceptive history sound safe and effective to you? If you knew these facts, would you have consented to be injected?

The commissioners have no doubts about the necessary course of action. The vaccines should be pulled from the market immediately. Unfortunately, many doctors, scientists, and politicians have staked their careers and credibility on the notion of safe and effective vaccines, so a swift withdrawal is unlikely. Nevertheless, these vaccines are neither safe nor effective and must be withdrawn.

The complicity of the legacy media played a crucial role in allowing deceptive vaccine marketing to persist. The commissioners concluded that the CBC betrayed the public trust and must undergo substantial reconstruction. Federal Liberal government subsidies to the press, which encourage loyalty to the regime, must be terminated. A free press is essential for the survival of any democracy.

Furthermore, the commissioners recommend pursuing criminal prosecutions. More lawsuits, both civil and criminal, can lead to greater accountability and offer a chance for reconciliation over the cruelties, abuses, and deaths resulting from the government’s response to the COVID crisis.

However, accountability must come first.

Ches Crosbie was the administrator of the National Citizens Inquiry. This commentary was submitted by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

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