Canada’s courts create uncertainty on aboriginal rights

Court decisions are undermining the certainty dividend that is supposed to attach to modern land claims agreements

By Malcolm Lavoie University of Alberta and Dwight Newman University of Saskatchewan The past year has seen a lot of Canadians paying attention to aboriginal land rights. From opposition by aboriginal groups to proposed pipeline developments in their traditional territories, to a recent declaration of aboriginal title in British Columbia, to ongoing disputes over modern…

Welcome to Canada’s First Nations renaissance

A new generation of First Nations leaders are showing us how to make the capitalist system work for the entire community

Welcome to Canada’s First Nations renaissanceChief Reginald Bellerose of the Muskowekwan First Nation spoke with obvious pride as he explained his vision of a new and better future for his people. I was standing with the Chief on a snowy vacant lot on the outskirts of Regina. Bellerose was taking a few of us on a tour of the Nation’s…
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