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Choose an expensive hotel when your mood demands, but remain open to the world outside their grand doors

Navigating the maze of accommodation options during your travels can be both exciting and daunting. At the forefront of these choices are big, expensive hotels which, while offering a plethora of amenities, come with their own set of pros and cons.

Why opt for expensive hotels?

Reliability and comfort: Most large hotels guarantee a standard of service and amenities. Expect rooms equipped with televisions, telephones, and internet connections (though, watch out for those potentially pricey connection fees).

Amenities galore: From lotions, shampoos, and plush towels to a range of in-house restaurants, 24/7 multilingual front desks, concierges, and doormen, these hotels promise a luxurious experience.

expensive hotel

The St. Regis Grand Hotel in Rome

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Central locations: If you’re after the heartbeat of a city, big hotels often offer unbeatable central locations, perfect for business or sightseeing.

Occasional discounts: Big hotels aren’t immune to economic fluctuations. In downturns, they often roll out attractive discounts or room upgrades. Additionally, weekends or holidays might be cheaper when the usual business clientele is away.

But there is a flip side.

Lack of cultural immersion: The very comfort and uniformity of these hotels can sometimes shield you from the authentic experiences of a destination. You might find yourself in a beautifully appointed room that feels identical whether you’re in Tokyo, Rome, or Buenos Aires.

Cost implications: Beyond the room charges, extras like internet or in-house dining can quickly add up.

To maximize your big hotel experience:

Dine locally: While it might be tempting to eat at the hotel’s exquisite restaurant, stepping out for local cuisine not only offers a more genuine experience but is often easier on the pocketbook. Whether it’s enjoying cappuccino and biscotti at an Italian pasticceria or Kifli at a quaint Budapest eatery, local flavours are always a treat.

Breakfast outside: Instead of the pricey breakfast buffet at the hotel, immerse yourself in the morning routines of the locals. Enjoying a Danish pastry in Copenhagen or a traditional breakfast elsewhere will likely be both cheaper and more memorable.

While expensive hotels offer a slice of predictable luxury and comfort, finding a balance that doesn’t compromise the essence of travel is crucial. Choose them when the situation or your mood demands, but always remain open to the world outside their grand doors.

After all, travel is as much about the unknown as it is about the comforts of the known.

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