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Facebook launched in February 2004 as a university directory. The excitement caught on and it has become one of the most powerful social networks with over 2.45 billion monthly users.

Facebook started with personal profiles but by the end of 2007 there were over 100,000 businesses signing up.

Now more than 60 million firms use Facebook to promote their businesses and engage with their customers, sharing all sorts of insight and information.

If you’re just starting your business page or want to spruce up the one you have, here are seven things that must be completed to attract your potential customers.

Use an amazing cover photo

Get creative, look for images and try an editing software such as Canva to help you. Use lots of white space and try to include your logo if it fits.

Let your cover photo tell a story, with dimensions 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall.

Use a recognizable profile picture

This is especially important if you’re a brand or the face of your company. People need to recognize you, so make sure that you use a current photo that actually looks like you.

Twitter can help you reach a broader market by Donita Fowler

It’s okay to use a pop of colour with a snazzy jacket or scarf. And feel free to change your photo as much as you like. I usually go with two times a year: winter and summer profile photos.

Compete the about section

This is where you get to talk about your amazing business. You can add things like description, categories, hours of operation, services and contact information.

It’s really important to introduce yourself to your visitors – make this a really fun and engaging part of your profile.

Choose a call to action button

Right underneath your cover photo (that you made above) there’s a place to put a button. And you can use this to tell your new visitors what to do.

You have five options and it really depends on what you want people to do – email, call, text, visit your website, book a call.

Customize your vanity URL

When you start a page, you get assigned random numbers at the end of You have the option to go in and make a personalized URL after you have 25 followers. Mine is

I’m a brand or service so I use my name instead of my company name, Interest Marketing. That’s a personal choice for you to make.

In the past you weren’t able to change your URL after you had 100 followers. This has changed over the years and there isn’t any updated information. Best practice is to pick a name and keep it. 

Tell people about it

This one is going to make all the difference in how fast you grow your audience. On Facebook, you’re trying to get people to like and/or follow your page. Your first milestone is really when you hit 500 – so celebrate it when it happens!

You need to tell your customers, business partners, peers and mentors all about your Facebook page. I often get people who I know from business try to friend me on Facebook, and I message them with my business page URL, saying that’s where I connect with colleagues. It works over half the time.

Put icons on your website and newsletter so you’re constantly driving traffic to your Facebook business page.

Start posting

Don’t wait. Just start engaging with your audience and see what they do and don’t like. Try different photos and articles, customize some posts with logos and photos of you, try video, just get comfortable knowing what your audience wants to see from you.

Find a scheduling app, such as Hootsuite or Buffer, and set a time each week to get your social posts scheduled.

Use your Facebook business page to attract potential customers and engage with your audience. Having a complete profile ensures you’re speaking to that audience correctly.

Donita Fowler is an online marketer who supports entrepreneurs in their quest to be the boss of their online platforms.

Donita is a Troy Media contributor. Why aren’t you?

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