Insomnia is a common disorder that causes individuals to struggle falling asleep and staying asleep. Although insomnia is a chronic disorder for many people, it can also be experienced over short periods of time following a traumatic event or major life change. The longer that an individual experiences insomnia, the more serious the side effects that they incur.

What are the side effects of insomnia?

When someone is not sleeping well throughout the night on a regular basis, there are many negative side effects that they may experience. The body has a difficult time producing adequate energy when it is not well-rested. This lack of energy often causes individuals to be distracted, unproductive, and cranky.

Individuals may experience weight gain after a long period of not sleeping. Hunger hormones and blood sugar levels are often reset at night. When these hormones are out of order, your body will likely hold on to more fat than usual. Lastly, without stress hormones regulated at night, you may experience feelings of anxiety and depression. Since these side effects vary in seriousness and probability, it is important to take all steps available to improve sleeplessness.

How Can CBD Help With Insomnia?

With the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) on the rise, it is important to know the appropriate ways to use this product. Over time, this product has risen in popularity among people who suffer from Insomnia. There are a few different ways that this product works to improve sleep. When choosing the type of CBD that is best for you, make sure to shop with a trustworthy and organic brand, such as Joy Organics. With so many options on the market, it is important to utilize products that are proven to be effective.

1.             Muscle Relaxation and Pain Alleviation

When the body is uptight or over tired, it is often unable to get comfortable and relaxed. CBD helps to reduce inflammation and eliminate muscle tension in the body so that you can assume a more comfortable position throughout the night. If you are often kept awake by various aches and pains, you can apply topical creams to the affected area to eliminate inflammation.

2.             Reduce Anxiety

The anxiety that comes from not sleeping well is compounding. In addition, anxious thoughts often distract individuals to the point that they are unable to fall asleep for prolonged periods of time. Although CBD will not heal anxiety, it is known to help alleviate stress and reduce feelings of anxiety when used regularly.

3.             Deeper Sleep

Individuals with sleep disorders are often unable to experience the REM cycle of their circadian rhythm as needed. CBD has been shown to help individuals maintain a deeper sleep so that they can cycle through appropriate sleep rhythms.

Concerns to Be Aware of With CBD

Although there are minimal cases of individuals experiencing negative effects from using moderate amounts of CBD, it is important to note the possible symptoms. Depending on the application type, some people have reported experiencing fatigue throughout the day and changes in appetite after integrating CBD into their routine.


CBD is a naturally occurring supplement that has been proven to be helpful for many individuals that struggle with sleep. For those suffering from insomnia, applying or ingesting CBD before bed may help improve both the length and quality of sleep on a regular basis.

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