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Dragonfish quickly gained fame as a worthy player in the global market for software and solutions in gambling

Dragonfish quickly gained fame as a worthy player in the global market for software and solutions in gambling

If you are looking for a truly ingenious gambling developer, then you will definitely not pass by Dragonfish. This company decided to adopt a simple but effective principle: it is better to focus on one thing, but to do it well. Therefore, Dragonfish quickly gained fame as a worthy player in the global market for software and solutions in gambling.

Today, when websites, gaming salons and products under this brand number in the hundreds, or even thousands, other developers are trying to follow Dragonfish’s example. But will everyone succeed in repeating such a success?

Dragonfish is not a separate corporation. This is one of the divisions of another gambling giant, 888. But the peculiarity of this company was its concentration mainly on bingo, and not on the classic “one-armed bandits.” However, they also offer solutions for roulette, poker and other favorite slots. Moreover, they work directly with the company, according to the B2B scheme, that is, each product is precisely intended for its customer – in a particular case, a gaming hall on the World Wide Web.

Another important difference that Dragonfish stood out is its specific game design. Like the fish itself, which gave the name to the brand, which stands out for its unusual shape and color, the Dragonfish bingo games are also distinguished by rich colors, bright colors, and stylish images used to design the game. A design that you definitely can’t forget ever.

And do not forget that the Dragonfish platform itself and the games that the company releases for other platforms are two big differences.

  • Own network connected by a common gaming platform, collects daily millions of visitors. And it is in online gaming rooms that you can win the most gigantic jackpots. At the same time, the same brand develops loyalty programs for its customers, which means they are unified no matter in which Dragonfish bingo sites of the network you decide to play.
  • Software – manufactured and sold separately. It can be bought by independent operators or competing networks. And here they themselves already regulate the size of winnings, types of prizes, loyalty program and other promotional aspects of games.

But no matter which option you choose, be sure that you will find a licensed game from the best developers in the world who know everything about bingo and its fans.

Dragonfish’s Merits

Licensed company with harsh regulating system. The platform for playing in online is directed and controlled by several serious instances as in GB so in other countries.

A large number of already performed games of different kinds. This brand is strictly connected with top-notch online gambling especially in bingo-style, the latest researches are connected with a multi-game solutions. Combining with the simple variants of bingo, more than three hundred games include at the same time poker and slot machines with numerous sites already created on the Internet.

Unrivaled mobile experience. The company has adopted a mobile strategy, which means that their own mobile gaming platform is designed for use on all mobile platforms. The user interface of mobile games is intuitive and friendly, not to mention the convenience of a quick game, as well as their quick download time.

Minuses of The Brand

Identical promotions – since the developer also offers operators their marketing solutions, new Dragonfish bingo sites (as well as existing ones), as a rule, carry out the same promotions, which can become quite boring.

The lack of board games in the casino – Dragonfish has not yet decided to develop board games or games with live dealers, which could significantly increase the variety of their gaming offers.

As you can see, the disadvantages relate only to temporary solutions, but it is very difficult for competitors to cross out or surpass the gained advantages.

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