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If you wish to augment your pale brunette manes, then there is no better way to realise that than rocking light brown hair and highlights. This hue combination gives you a beautiful shadow and a sharp contrast to your manes.

You may as well opt to include additional textures such as waves, layers, and curls to improve the contrast and come up with a look that is voluminous and chic as long as those beautiful highlights are perfectly styled on strategic places. Here are classic light brown hair ideas you may wish to consider.

  1. Curly Tresses with Adorable Highlights.

We all like this shaggy angle created by the meticulous styling of the curly hair with an amazing mixture of blonde, red, and ash shadows. It is a stand-out look and provides so much depth and volume to the entire hairdo.

  1. Mid-Length Haircut and Ash Blonde Hue.

Cool-shaded ashy low-lights and high-lights are a sure-fire way of enhancing glitter to your hairdo. The hairstyle is best suited for ladies with fair to neutral complexions.

  1. Subtle Reddish Manes and Auburn Highlights.

Thick and polished curls appear beautiful, with dramatic highlights that are responsible for the vibrancy of this haircut. Copper is the best colour for ladies with warm skin complexions.

  1. Ash Subtle Brown Tresses.

Cool honey highlights are able to flawlessly highlight lighter hair and give them a brighter and lighter appearance. It is an attractive style for ladies with cool skin tones with pink undertones. So, if this is you, this is your haircut.

  1. Short Brunette Tresses and Platinum Highlights.

A beautiful style for women with fine manes. This layered tresses is perfectly coloured with platinum shade, and extra highlights are added for a dimensionally reach look.

  1. Subtle Chestnut And Sun-Kissed Accentuates.

This is an ideal example of what sun-kissed highlights can do. This haircut has a sharp contrast on chestnut thanks to accentuate of the sun-kissed fringes. The entire style appears quite lively. It is also quite handy since you can have the highlights styled near the face to offer you a slimming and framing impact.

  1. Straight Locks with Tones of Blonde.

This is a natural blonde hue on long locks. The hair colour melts from the dark base of the straight locks to lighter shades on the tips. It is a polished and low maintenance haircut that works pretty well with any hair length.

  1. Warm Brown manes and Honey Highlights.

The colour used is natural, and that is why it blends perfectly well with the light brown hair. It is an ideal shade for women with blue eyes. It is effortless to maintain. It looks great on women of all ages and skin tones.

  1. Extended Manes and Highlights of Purple.

The main thing that makes people love this light brown hair and highlights of brown is that even though it has immense elements, it still appears light and soft. The highlights of purple incorporated in this haircut give an entire look a dynamic style full of volume and movement.

The haircut has a straight base to keep the length, and more fringes are added across the entire haircut to boost the depth.

  1. Bob and Red Highlights.

This cut is not only classy but chic at the same time. However, it still appears quite professional. It balances all the three aspects, and it is the best haircut you would want to choose if you are looking to achieve the three aspects. It allows you to reveal your personality as well as appear professional.

Red is a dimensional hue, and this is another aspect that makes this hairstyle unique. It has beautiful ruby red shade, and at the middle and tips of the hair are gold and copper hues. Wear it with a smooth weave, and you will be guaranteed of great hair day.

  1. Golden Brown Hair Shade.

One aspect you will notice about this golden light brown hair is that it is romantic and cool. The roots of the hair are shade in golden colour, and the rest of the hair is light brown shade. The hairstyle is undoubtedly beautiful and would be fun to style it.

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