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So you just got your Bowlus luxury RV and you can’t wait to get out and start a brand new adventure. You pull out the map and place it on the table in front of you and now all that stands between you and adventure is deciding which direction to go!

While the benefits of owning a luxury RV, specifically a Bowlus, are that you have so much more freedom to go off the grid and still maintain the highest levels of comfort and style, sometimes you want something a little more flashy. In those cases, when the offroad nature of a Montana sunset or the hot cup of coffee on a secluded morning in the Rockies isn’t what you are looking for – a luxury RV camping ground could do the trick.

We will give one major piece of advice which is to say that some luxury RV parks are not friendly to all types of RVs. RVs do come in different classes which are indicative of their size and capabilities.

Luxury Inside and Out

What exactly makes a luxury RV park? If you are new to this game before we give you our personal picks from across the United States, let’s fill you in on what exactly a luxury RV park is.

Luxury RV parks, at their core, are still experiences. Just like any RV park, they serve as a place to provide full hook ups for recharging or maintaining power, and certain amenities that some RV’s may not have. Not only this but they are still located in interesting and exciting areas where you can go out and adventure during the day, and come back to a safe, restful homebase. However, they do have certain aspects that are very unique.

For instance, most luxury RV parks will come with some assortment of dining and can even come with fine dining options. Not only that, but entertainment such as musical concerts and even spas and concierge services! A luxury RV park is a lot like coming back to a massive five star hotel that is simply spread out over an RV park where your room is still simply your RV.

To say that these high end RV parks improve the experience of RV camping is an understatement. They don’t just improve, they bring the entire experience to an actual whole new level.

The most wonderful thing about RV life is that it allows for you and yours to really experience the open road and adventure like none other. That being said, here are some of our favorite luxury RV parks across the country.

East Coast Luxury

Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is one of the finest luxury RV parks in the entire country. Accommodating multiple types of RVs, it’s the perfect place to pull in your Bowlus and experience high end service and comfort from start to finish.

Not only is Hilton Head Island beautiful in its own right, but with the benefit of a full luxury RV park, you’ll have restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance as well as access to a spa and a great home base for exploring the island!

A Taste of the West Coast

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina is one of our top picks for experiencing beautiful southern California weather and enjoying the pacific ocean. Not only is it friendly to multiple types of RV’s, making it perfect to pull up in your Bowlus, but it has wonderful amenities as well as excellent access to the town of Newport.

A Taste of South

Our last addition to this list is Bella Terra in Alabama off the gulf shores. This beautiful luxury RV park prides itself on truly providing five star amenities such as year round hot tubs, club houses, movie theaters and even a spa.

So Much to Explore

The most magical part about heading out in a luxury RV is how truly free you are to make your own decisions. With a luxury RV, you not only travel in the highest comfort and style, but with powerful tools that truly make your adventures unlimited.

Luxury RV parks can add that extra excitement and relaxation to your adventure. Always remember to reach out beforehand and confirm the park’s RV restrictions and rules before setting your course for a specific destination.

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