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Toronto Luxury Suites: The Ideal Corporate Rental Solution

With the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak, customers are turning to Toronto Luxury Suites for their short terms rentals in Toronto

Just because you’re travelling for business rather than pleasure doesn’t mean your surroundings need to be any less comfortable. A furnished rental suite is the ideal short-term rental solution for executives and employees alike.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, the short-term rental landscape is rapidly evolving. Why are corporate housing companies becoming more popular among business travellers than home-sharing platforms like Airbnb, or even traditional hotels? Let’s take a look at what’s driving major shifts in the market.

Guests Want Clean Accommodations

The most obvious issue with Airbnb is its lack of sanitization standards. What cleaning products and disinfectants are hosts using to sanitize their listings between users? Are they sanitizing at all? Without a guarantee of cleanliness—which Airbnb has no way of enforcing across its millions of listings worldwide—customers aren’t leaving it up to chance whether their accommodations are deep cleaned before arrival.

A major reason customers are gravitating toward suites rather than Airbnb listings amounts to a desire for peace of mind when it comes to disinfection. For their part, luxury suites have succeeded in fulfilling guests’ newly raised expectations for cleanliness. Certain short-term rental companies are even employing hospital-grade procedures for disinfection.

The Dangers of Home-Sharing During a Viral Pandemic

Home-sharing is a turn-off for today’s risk-averse traveller. Regardless of your reason for relocating temporarily, health and safety is a top priority. With a by-law forbidding Toronto homeowners from listing any properties other than their primary residence on Airbnb, using the platform means putting yourself as uncomfortably close as possible to other people’s belongings.

With a high turnover of guests and no guarantee of proper disinfection between each visitor, the risks are clear and—as we’ve seen with a decline of Airbnb bookings—not worth it.

Furnished Suites Offer Comfort and Value

Furnished apartments in Toronto offer comfort and luxury without breaking the bank. With Toronto Luxury Suites, in particular, business travellers experience world-class amenities, vibrant views of downtown Toronto, and a spacious, tastefully furnished living space at a fraction of the cost of a comparable hotel. Buildings are located in the most elite neighbourhoods of the city, specifically chosen to be within walking distance of essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies.

With a fully-stocked kitchen, quality appliances, and high-speed internet, furnished suites are the perfect short-term rental solution for business travellers who would prefer to be productive during their stay. With a peaceful environment, comfortable surroundings, essential amenities, and endless privacy, focusing on your next task or taking a moment to relax is easier than ever.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

People have been running into issues with Airbnb long before COVID-19 began appearing in every news headline. We’ve all had it happen—we arrive to check-in, the host grants us a tour, and we quickly pick up on the discrepancies between the photos we’d seen online and reality. Whether it’s missing amenities or a little more cat hair than we’d expected, these experiences are part of the Airbnb experience as a whole.

However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the risk is no longer justifiable. If your host doesn’t show up, finding last-minute accommodations is more stressful than ever, especially when rooming with a colleague or a friend isn’t an option.

Choose the Safest Route

Home-sharing platforms like Airbnb are riskier than ever before. With the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak, booking with Airbnb means putting your health and wellbeing—as well as that of your loved ones—on the line.

When it comes to where you plan on staying for your next business trip, the safest decision is always the right decision, that’s why customers are now turning to Toronto Luxury Suites for their short terms rentals Toronto.

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