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Theragun g3pro gadget gift idea

Theragun G3PRO with adjustable arm and removable batteries

Greg GazinWith Christmas just around the corner, you may need to make some last-minute purchases or gather ideas about what to do with all those gift cards come Boxing Day. So here are a few very practical selections from Theragun, Accusonus, Roland and Samsung.

Gift of pain relief

If you’re looking for a gift to help your loved one relieve pain, stress and the stiffness of sore muscles, there’s a gun for that – but not the kind you’re thinking of.

Theragun delivers a deep-muscle treatment using a method called Percussive Therapy. The company says the device compresses your soft tissues with just the right pressure to help soothe pain. It also says it helps release tension, increases circulation and improve your range of motion, among other things.

It features a triangular design for better handling and gripping, with an industrial-grade motor for longer life and powerful delivery. The company says the device delivers strokes into muscles 16-mm deep at up to 40 times per minute.

Feeling better already?

It comes with a number of accessories and attachments to zero in on the right treatment for different areas of the body. The companion app offers instructions for 18 pain areas and for workouts.

Theragun retails in Canada for $339; the G3 Premium and G3PRO model are $499 and $759 respectively. Models differ by number of speeds, maximum force, battery and attachment options, and arm adjustability. They’re available from Amazon, SportChek or directly from Theragun.

Gift of audio repair

Accusonus audio gadget tech gift idea

All Accusonus audio repair plug-ins have similar one-knob interface

For the audio lover or creator, the ERA4 Bundle by Accusonus should be music to their ears. The six-plug-in suite (each operates within selected apps) improves or repairs audio quality of music, podcasts or videos. A single virtual knob operates the suites, so even a newbie can create a masterpiece. Here’s what you get:

  • Noise Remover gets rid of things like unwanted hum and background noise;
  • Reverb Remover fixes up hollow or echoing room acoustics;
  • Voice Leveler makes sure sounds are even across the recording;
  • De-Esser smooths out excessive sounds made by over stressing consonants;
  • Plosive Remover gets rid of pops often caused by excessive B or P sounds;
  • De-Clipper is ideal for when the recording has distortion.

Holiday pricing for the ERA4 Bundle (Standard) is US$99. It’s available for direct download from Accusonus. Professional bundles and individual plug-ins are also available.

Easy-learn mini digital wind instrument

gadget tech gift idea roland aerophone

With the Aerophone, you can play a saxophone, flute or clarinet anywhere

Do you want to introduce a child to music? Is there a music lover in the family who’s always wanted to learn how to play an instrument but piano and guitar are a little too complicated?

Consider an Aerophone Mini (AE-01) by Roland. It’s a compact, easy-to-learn digital wind instrument with built-in controllers, six sound types – saxophone, flute, violin and others – with a key layout for simple fingering, just like the recorder only a little more modern.

It’s only 1.75 inches wide, three inches deep and 17.5 inches long and weighs less than 500 grams, and connects easily via Bluetooth. It comes with a free learning app with 50 more sounds and 11 play-along songs to get you started. It has an onboard speaker, as well as headphone jack for quiet listening until the world is ready to hear you play.

Aerophone Mini (AE-01) comes with a neck strap, band, mouthpiece cap and cable. It requires 4xAA Ni-MH batteries or AC adapter. It retails in Canada for $399.99 at Long & McQuade

First foldable smartphone in Canada

gadget tech gift idea galaxy fold

The Galaxy Fold from Samsung is a folding smartphone that opens to a 7.3-inch screen

If someone on your list has been waiting for the ultimate smartphone with the largest screen possible, you might want to look at the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Fold. At 7.3 inches, it offers the largest smartphone screen with the smallest real estate – it folds and can fit in your pocket.

It has an ultra-high-definition flex display and its multi-windows capability lets you work with three apps at once. It runs Android 9 (Pie) and comes with a whopping 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of built-in storage.

It has six professional-grade cameras, including three selfie cameras up to 10 MP, a 12-MP primary and telephoto, and a 16-MP wide-angle camera.

It’s equipped with stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. Ear buds are also included.

The Galaxy Fold retails in Canada for $2,599. It’s available in limited quantities at select Samsung Experience Stores and Samsung Service Centres across Canada.

Greg Gazin, also known as the Gadget Guy and Gadget Greg, is a syndicated veteran tech columnist, communication, leadership and technology speaker, facilitator, blogger, podcaster and author. Reach him @gadgetgreg or at

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