Walmart plan to increase wages an act of brilliance

But fast-food industry – including McDonald’s – won’t be following in its footsteps any time soon

Walmart plan to increase wages an act of brillianceWalmart shareholders were not overly thrilled to learn that the company was planning to increase the salaries of their poorly paid employees in the U.S. Known for its cost-cutting approach and shrewd management methods, the announcement came as a surprise. Given that this soon-to-be-better-paid group includes more than 500,000 people, most of them women, many…

Coke ‘milking’ healthy choices

With profits falling, the soft drink company is marketing a ‘better’, 'healthier' milk

Coke ‘milking’ healthy choicesFor decades, the soft drink rivalry was about who was winning a war. Nowadays, it’s more about who is losing the least. Coke profits fell a whopping 55 per cent in the latter part of 2014. PepsiCo’s financials were only slightly better. As the modern consumer is looking for healthier options, soft drinks giants are…
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