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The datAshur PRO+C flash drive is tamper-proof and FIPS 140-3 Level 3 certified

datAshur-PRO+C usb flash drive

The datAshur PRO+C

Greg GazinWhile we consistently prioritize our physical and personal safety, how often do we consider the security of our data? You may feel confident after securing your desktop computer or laptop, but it’s all too easy to overlook the security of those practical and portable USB flash drives – commonly referred to as USB sticks or thumb drives.

Easily portable, USB sticks are often toted around pockets, purses, backpacks, and even attached to keychains. They are typically used for easy backups, data sharing, or transferring files between devices.

However, what are the implications if they contain crucial documents like tax returns, sensitive personal data, or cherished family photos? What recourse do you have if they’re lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged?

Enter the datAshur PRO+C from U.K.-based iStorage Ltd. It’s literally indestructible and provides a solid solution to keep your data safe from hackers, prying eyes, or accidental incidents. It boasts a rugged, water- and dust-resistant design, with an aluminum sleeve for added durability.

the datAshur PRO+C
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Engineered to endure significant physical stress, it can withstand a four-meter drop onto concrete, the weight of a 2.7-ton vehicle, or being submerged in up to five feet of water for half an hour.

Its secure design provides a dual layer of protection. First, it encrypts your data on the drive, rendering it unreadable to unauthorized eyes. Then, it mandates entering an 8-15 alphanumeric PIN for authentication using its built-in keypad to access the data fully. So, without the PIN, you can’t get in!

The drive is also physically tamper-proof. The internal components are coated with an ultra-tough epoxy resin, making it virtually impossible for even the most tech-savvy individuals to gain access to them without totally destroying the drive. For added security, the keypad is also coated with a special polymer that ensures the keys are wear-resistant and don’t easily give away their identity because of wear through continuous use.

The drive also features the latest FIPS 140-3 Level 3 scheme – a certification for tamper-resistant identity-based authentication – to keep hackers at bay. While it’s not quite like what Ethan Hunt may encounter in a Mission: Impossible movie, if necessary, the data can be configured to “self-destruct,” i.e., erased in the event of a brute force attack.

In a more typical use scenario, you can configure the datAshur PRO+C for both administrators and users, set it to read-only mode, and automatically lock it when removed. This last feature proves valuable when sharing the drive among office staff, sending data to the accountant, or within families, guaranteeing that no one inadvertently deletes or adds files or overlooks re-enabling security.

The datAshur PRO+C has a built-in lithium-ion battery, and the encryption is also done right on the device. This feature allows for faster encryption of large files, such as videos or extensive data, without straining the device’s CPU.

The iStorage datAshur is lightning-fast, offering read speeds up to 310MB/s and write speeds up to 246MB/s. It’s easy to use and does not require drivers or software to be installed. It works easily with any device with a USB port and almost any operating system.

The datAshur PRO+C offers data protection and peace of mind. It comes standard with the latest USB 3.2 Type C connector and a USB C-A adapter. It has a respectable three-year warranty and lifetime technical support. It is available in various data capacities ranging from 32GB to 512GB, with prices starting at $126.25. They are available from select retailers, or you can order one directly from the iStorage online shop on Amazon.

Find out more at iStorage.

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