Young voters have no taste for old-school politics

Restoring faith in our electoral system will require a new style of politics that eschews much of the current orthodoxy

Young voters have no taste for old-school politicsOf all the victims to take a hit in the Mike Duffy Senate expenses scandal, there’s one that isn’t talked about much. Democracy itself. It’s hard to read the daily stories of ambiguous Senate expense rules, allegations of blackmail/payoffs and rampant disregard for the poor taxpayers who are underwriting this mess without asking yourself about…

Laurie Blakeman shakes up Alberta politics

Her decision to represent 3 political parties in the next election reflects the sorry state of democracy in Alberta

Laurie Blakeman shakes up Alberta politicsWhat Uber has done to the taxi industry, disrupting business-as-usual and causing an uproar, Laurie Blakeman is trying to do in the political marketplace. Her decision to wear three partisan hats in the upcoming Alberta election is just the sort of disruptive initiative in the political market that fits the model. Blakeman’s novel idea is…

Debating the role of government in Alberta

Albertans need to ask themselves what kind of society they want and how government can, and can’t, help them achieve it

Debating the role of government in AlbertaIt’s no secret that, barring a sooner-than-expected and sustained upswing in oil prices, Alberta’s provincial government won’t have enough revenue to cover its expenditures next year. The shortfall could be as much as $7 billion. Does this mean that we have a revenue problem or a spending problem? This is not a question with an…
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